Best Women's Walking Shoes for 2019

Women's Walking Shoes

The best women's walking shoes for 2019 include some time honored customer favorites, revamped styles and brand new additions to the list.

If you've made it a goal to get fit and lose weight by fitness walking, the only thing you really need is a great pair of sneakers. But first, you need to know what type of shoe you need. They are designed for a variety of feet based on arch type and pronation.

This list will give you recommendations for women with high arches or flat feet. You'll also find the best choices for overpronation and underpronation.

If you don't know what type of feet you have, this article on how to find the best walking shoes for your feet will help you determine your foot type and give you recommendations on the proper shoe.

Below you’ll find a list of the best walking shoes for women. Some of the best brands are Ryka, Saucony and New Balance. A newcomer to the Best Walking Shoes List are Ryka walking shoes. They are stylish, affordable (less than $100) and receive great ratings by walkers. If there is a style for your foot type, give them some consideration. 

You'll find recommendations  for the best walking shoes for flat feet (motion control shoe) and the best walking shoes for high arches (neutral shoe). You'll also find some great choices for Stability shoes (normal arches, normal pronation).

Best Walking Shoes for Women for 2019

Stability Shoes:
Best walking shoes for women with normal feet and normal pronation, but may be appropriate for some with flat feet or high arches

Neutral Shoes
Best women's walking shoes for high arches and an underpronator/supinator

Motion Control Shoes
Best walking shoes for women with flat feet and overpronators

I recommend trying on several different shoes to find the best women's walking shoes for your feet. Visit a shoe store that specializes in athletic shoes.

Talk with a knowledgeable staff member who can analyze the needs of your feet and make recommendations on the best women's walking shoes that specifically for you. You can even bring in your current walking shoes as the wear pattern can help identify what kind of shoe you will need.

Buy your sneakers from a store that allows you to either exchange or return your shoes within the first thirty to sixty days. A pair that feels great on your feet in the store could give you trouble once you start walking in your normal environment.

Don’t miss these helpful tips on how to find the most comfortable walking shoes.

There are many choices for women's walking shoes. But the best pair of women's walking shoes are the ones that fits your feet best. Always go for comfort and the right level of support when it comes to a good exercise sneaker.

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