Winter Walking

by Laura
(United States)

I have spent most of my life as an obese individual. I still have a considerable way to go before reaching my ultimate goal, but I've recently lost 66 pounds, mostly through a combination of diet and swimming. Now, I'm not only feeling much better than before I started, but I'm ready to lose even more and make new goals for myself. However, the temperature got colder and so did the pool water, leaving me without a way to exercise. For a while, I was dieting, but losing -nothing-. :(

I'm very fortunate to live on private property in a heavily forested area with several hiking trails and a road that extends a little past the one mile marker. Until recently, I hadn't taken advantage of walking through the natural beauty around me. Can you believe it? :/ But all that has changed! :)

I started by walking the dog. Then, one by one, each of our three cats started coming along, too. I'm sure we are quite an interesting sight to behold; a ragtag quintet gallavanting through the forest. Yet they all seem to enjoy accompanying me on my walks and their presence certainly makes each walk a new adventure for me, no matter how many times I walk the same path. I'm hoping that soon, my husband will be motivated to join us as well.

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