"Walking with Music to release Stress and to keep yourself Fit "

by Annu Upadhaya
(Delhi, India)

I started exercising to lose weight in September 2012 and I have lost 5 kg so far.

Some of my favorite songs while walking according to speed is as follows:
For Slow Walking:
1. Rolling in the deep- Adele
2. Beautiful Liar- Beyonce ft Shakira
3. All Rise-Blue
4. Bubblin -Blue

For Brisk Walking:
1. Beautiful-Akon
2. Girlfriend-Avril Lavigne
3. Born this way- Lady Gaga
4. On the floor- Jennifer Lopez
5. Rain over me-Pitbull

For Running:
1. Dance Again-Jennifer Lopez
2. Firework-Katy Perry
3. ET-Katy Perry
4. Touch my body-Mariah Carey
5. Diary of Jane-Breaking Benjamin
and lot of rock songs(Aerosmith, Puddle of mudd, Papa Roach, RED, Three Days Grace, Hoobastank)

**Fantastic songs, Annu!I love the variety. Thanks for your submission. --Melissa, the Fitness Walking Guide**

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