Walking to lose Weight

3 Easy Tips To Lose Weight Walking!

Can walking to lose weight really work? The answer is yes, absolutely!

Walking for weight loss can be an easy and enjoyable experience. Here's why:

Fitness walking is an exercise that burns calories, builds muscle, strengthens bones and is easier on your joints than high intensity activities such as jogging.

Because of this, it is one of the best physical activities for sustained weight loss and improved physical health. And it is completely FREE! No need for a gym membership or fancy equipment.

"Thank you for providing such a thorough, inspiring, and accessible resource that serves so many. I'm losing weight once again, and as you know, that is simply priceless."


If you've got a pair of comfortable shoes, you're ready to get started. If you're considering purchasing a new pair of shoes, take a look at my list of best rated walking shoes to find the perfect pair for you.

You’ll find this complete plan to weight loss is easy and natural. It is a combination of three steps: 1) exercise, 2) calorie counting and 3) muscle building.

Research shows that focusing on both exercise and a change in diet is the most effective way to create a healthy lifestyle.  (Stanford University School of Medicine). The researchers found that those who began exercising and eating a healthy diet  were able to meet the national guidelines for exercise (150 minutes per week) and nutrition.

So, don't plan to just start walking to lose weight or eating healthy tomorrow, plan to do both! And mix in some muscle building with your exercise and you'll be able to incorporate the three most important elements of fitness and weight loss.

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walking to Lose Weight

When walking to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. There are two ways to do this:

1. Increase your activity (burn more calories)

2. Eat a lower-calorie diet (consume less calories)

Fitness walking will burn calories. Research shows that 60 minutes of activity, such as brisk walking, on most days of the week is necessary for weight loss.

If you don’t have an entire hour a day to dedicate to exercise, you can break up your walking into 10-minute, 20-minute or 30-minute periods throughout your day, which is just as effective as exercising for 60 minutes straight.

As I get older, I've learned it's important to do both - exercise more and eat a lower-calorie diet when I'm trying to lose weight.

How many calories will you burn when walking to lose weight? Read this article to find out how many calories are burned by walking. You can also use this quick and easy walking calories calculator to determine exactly how many calories you'll burn during a walk.

An activity tracker can be a valuable tool to help you keep track of how much activity you are completing every day. Have a look at this wonderful article on the different types of activity trackers that can help you count calories, track activity, measure sleep, and more.

A free calorie intake chart is a great tool to help you track your daily caloric intake, how many calories you burn while walking and much more.

Here are five easy but effective ways you can lose weight walking. And if you're wondering, "Does walking  help lose weight?" Here's my definitive answer. 

How To Burn More Calories While You Walk

Interval Walking is a great way to burn more fat calories.

If you perform the same exercise routine day after day, your body will adapt to that exercise and will reach a plateau, which results in fewer calories burned because it is no longer challenging for your body to complete this exercise routine.

Interval training will add variety and challenge to your walks to burn as many calories as possible, making walking to lose weight even easier!

Additional techniques to burn more fat and calories are walking backwards or walking on the beach. Add these techniques to your fitness routine and you'll burn fat and calories quicker than simply walking alone.

Healthy Eating Weight Loss Tips

You'll have more success with walking for weight loss when you burn calories and reduce your daily caloric intake. It is never a good idea to try to lose weight just by eating fewer calories.

Why? When you eat fewer calories, you actually slow down your metabolism. This causes your body to act as if it’s in starvation mode and hold onto every calorie it can.

You’ll notice I haven’t advised you to go on a diet. That’s because I don’t believe in them.

What feelings and thoughts come to mind when you think of going on a diet? Going hungry? Denying yourself the foods you love most?

And what happens when you deny yourself something you love? Do you find yourself craving it even more? I sure do! And that leads to sneaking into the kitchen late in the evening to binge on those foods.

Instead of dieting, consider making a lifestyle change to include healthy, low-calorie foods that are nutritious and fulfilling.

If you are eating the right foods you will never feel hungry or need to count calories.

Read this article for great healthy eating weight loss tips and lose weight by making a lifestyle change. Additionally, here are some great healthy tips to weight loss.

And don’t miss this article on how to lose a pound, which breaks down how simple it is to lose a pound or more each week.

It's important to eat something before walking. Certain foods will give you energy and fuel your muscles. Read this article on the best foods before exercise. 

Weight Training to Lose Weight

In addition to exercise and healthy eating habits, building muscle is an important part of walking to lose weight.

Fitness walking will raise your resting metabolic rate, also known as your metabolism, which is the amount of calories your body burns to sustain itself.

This means that your body will naturally burn more calories throughout the entire day, even when you are sleeping and watching TV!

How does fitness walking raise your metabolic rate?

By developing lean muscle mass in the muscles you use to walk – legs, buttocks, stomach and potentially your shoulders and arms (if you pump your arms or use weights while walking).

Lean muscle mass is critical to boosting your metabolism because your muscles are responsible for burning calories 24/7.

This article provides helpful information on how to use weight training to lose weight.

And, here is a great article on on bodyweight exercises you can add during your walks. No weights required, just use your body for strength training.

In addition to weight loss, you'll find that walking to lose weight offers many more emotional and health related benefits. Once you reach your weight loss goal, you may never want to stop walking!

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