Walking Socks

stop slipping, prevent blisters and more

Walking socks can and will keep your feet dry, stop slipping, and prevent blisters. Perhaps you've carefully selected your shoes by researching them, asking friends and family or trying on a few pairs to find just the right shoe.

But if you throw on any old sock, you're risking blisters and other skin injuries.

According to The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, wearing the wrong kind has been linked to injuries such as blisters, accumulation of blood under toenails, infections and many other skin injuries.

Whew! That's a lot of responsibility for a sock! However, if you are wearing a pair that trap moisture around your feet, don't protect your feet properly or bunch and scrunch up, you're risking painful injuries to your feet.


Below you'll see some of my favorites. I recommend the Thorlo brand because they are a favorite of walkers, hikers and runners. They are made with the Coolmax material to wick moisture away from your feet and keep them dry. In fact, they do such a good job of staying dry that some people don't even wash them after every wear!

They have some medium-density padding in both the ball and heel areas as well as lightweight padding in the arch to make your feet feel snug and supported all day. The result is an amazingly comfortable fit that feels great all day.

They are also great for preventing blisters and perfect for exercise and those days you need to be on your feet all day.

What Makes A Good Walking Sock?

Synthetic material. A synthetic material instead of cotton is best. Cotton tends to trap moisture around your foot. It also loses its shape quicker and will bunch or slip around your feet, which can cause rubbing.

A synthetic material will wick the moisture away from your foot and will hold its shape better. There are several brands of synthetic materials available, one of the best is known as CoolMax®.

Crew or Slouch. There isn’t a particular style recommended for walking. Runners wear crew style and they are great for walking as well. The slouch style can also be worn and is very comfortable.

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine has a wonderful page with helpful information. Check it out if you’d like to read more about their research and recommendations.

Consider walking socks an investment in your feet. They do cost a bit more than an average pair, but you need to take great care of your feet so that you can continue to exercise and avoid painful injuries.

You'll find they last longer, hold their shape longer and protect your feet better than an average pair. Now that's worth investing a few extra dollars!

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