The Finest Walking Shoes San Diego Has to Offer

walking shoes San Diego

The best walking shoes San Diego has to offer are easy to find because the city has some great footwear stores. In this article you’ll find my recommendations for where to go to get a good deal on great walking shoes in America's finest city.

This research was pretty easy for me to collect since San Diego is my hometown! And considering that we virtually have sunny weather all year long (okay, we do get rain a few days a year), it’s one of the best cities for fitness walking.

There isn’t one brand or style that is best for everyone. The pair that is right for you is the pair that fits your feet best.

However, I've created a list of the best women's walking shoes and the best men’s walking shoes to give you some guidance as you make your selections. These lists are based on recommendations from the experts as well as hundreds of reviews by those who have worn the shoes.

Overall, New Balance shoes are the winners because they are easy to find and are very affordable. Other top brands include Asics, Brooks and Rockport.

I’ve chosen the following stores because of their selection and low prices. Drum roll please... the finest walking shoes San Diego has to offer can be found at:

Where to find walking shoes in san diego

1. Road Runner Sports

5553 Copley Drive, San Diego, CA 92111(858) 974-4455

This store has a great selection of Asics, New Balance and Brooks shoes. You can also try their clearance center just around the corner and maybe you’ll find a deal. Please note that they do not carry walking shoes in their stores. But, you can go in and have your feet analyzed and they can ship a pair of walking shoes to your home from their online store. Or,  you may find a pair of running shoes that will suit your needs.

The Road Runner Sports Clearance Center is located at:

Rear of 5629 Copley Drive, San Diego, CA 92111(858) 974-4455.

2. Foot Locker -(various locations in San Diego) – good selection of New Balance and Ryka walking shoes.

3. Dicks Sporting Goods - (replacing the stores that used to be Sports Authority) – good selection of Asics and Reebok walking shoes.

4. Famous Footwear - good selection of Nike, Ryka, and Skechers.

I’ve found that the best places to find walking shoes are the larger chains because they offer a great selection and have the most competitive prices.

There are certain features of a walking shoe that set it apart from other athletic shoes and these features will give your feet the support and flexibility they need while walking.

  • Heel cushion. As a walker, you strike the heel of your foot the hardest so it’s important to have good cushioning.
  • Flexibility. You need flexibility so look for a shoe that bends easily at the ball of your foot.
  • Toe Box. You’ll need a nice, roomy toe box to allow your toes to spread out as they push off for the next step.
  • Upper materials. You’ll need air to get to your feet to keep them dry so look for a material that is breathable.

I recommend trying on a few pairs to find the one most comfortable for you. Here is a list of tips on how to shop for the most comfortable walking shoes. Now that you’ve found the finest walking shoes San Diego has to offer, it’s time to start walking. See you around town!

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