Follow These Walking Safety Tips For A Safe and Enjoyable workout

Walking safety guidelines are critical if you plan to be on any public pathway. You will be sharing the road with other walkers, cyclists, runners and motorists so it is important to obey the “rules of the road”.

Don't Make Your Own Path. This is not the time to get creative and blaze your own trail. Stay on paths that are designated for walkers (and most likely bicycles). Try to avoid walking on a roadway. If you must walk on a roadway, face oncoming traffic.

Walking Alone Is Not Recommended. Don’t walk alone if you can avoid it. If you do have to walk alone, let someone know where you are going and when you’ll be back.

Carry Identification. Bring your cell phone with you and carry ID. Remember to program ICE into your cell phone. ICE stands for “in case of emergency” and emergency personnel will call the number that is attached to the ICE programmed into your phone.

Shine At Night. If you walk at night, wear bright or reflecting clothing so that others, especially motorists, can see you.

Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings. Attackers look for those who are not paying attention. This means that you shouldn’t talk on your cell phone while walking. Walkig and talking will draw your attention away from the road, where it needs to be.

Do Not Wear A Backpack. An attacker can grab it and pull you backwards.

Turn Down The Volume. I know this one isn’t very realistic, but all experts advise you to not listen to music while walking because you become less aware of your surroundings. If you choose to listen to music, stay focused on what is going on around you and keep the music low so that you can hear people or animals coming up from behind you.

Walk Defensively. Don’t assume that drivers know you are there or that they know pedestrians have the right of way.

Leave Valubles And Money At Home. Do not carry any items that are likely to make you a victim of theft.

Vary Your Routine. Don’t walk the same path at the same time every day. Would-be attackers track this type of information on their victims. It is easier to attack someone if you know they will be rounding a certain bush at a certain time. Attackers can hide in that bush and wait for you!

Following these walking safety tips will make your walk a safe and enjoyable experience.

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