Walking Music - Playlists for fitness level

Walking music is a great way to give you a boost of energy while exercising. This article will provide you with a complete guide to selecting the best songs for your fitness level.

You'll find helpful advice to:

  • Create your own personalized playlist of songs that are perfect for your pace. Read on for GREAT song recommendations! You'll find songs for beginner walkers to power walkers. 
  • Use a great app that will change the tempo of the songs you already have downloaded on your iPhone or iPod to match your walking pace called Tempo Magic Pro.
  • Purchase a pre-made fitness music mix that has the perfect songs to exercise to, plus guidance and motivation to stay on track.
  • Download fun new fitness apps for your smartphone. Find the top rated fitness apps to help motivate you, count calories, find new routes and much more.

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Have you ever noticed what happens when your favorite song comes on the radio?

Maybe you start tapping your foot or clapping your hands. In some form or another, you start moving. Why is that? Because our favorite songs give us energy.

There is evidence to support this too. Many studies have been conducted on the power of listening to music while exercising.

One study conducted at Hampden-Sydney College in Virgina found that students traveled 11% further while listening to music than listening to silence or static. Additionally, they rated their levels of exertion as lower than the students who listened to silence or static.

This study demonstrates that those who listen to music while exercising are able to push themselves further without noticing the extra effort. (source: Reuters.com Music Helps Exercisers Go Further with Less Effort By Alison McCook)

A word of caution before we go further. Keep your music at a low volume so that you can hear the sounds around you and stay aware of your surroundings. You don't want your music so loud that you can't hear traffic, animals, people or cyclists coming up behind you.

How to pick songs with the proper beats per minute to match your fitness level:

Beginner (slow stroll): 115 – 118 beats per minute

See my recommend playlist for:

slow walking music

Intermediate (brisk walking): 118 – 126 beats per minute

Here's a great playlist for:

brisk walking music

Advanced (fast walking): 130 – 138 beats per minute

See my recommendations for:

fast walking music

Power walking: 137+ beats per minute

Don't miss this playlist for:

power walking music

How to Change The Tempo of Your Music to Match Your Pace

I recently came across an app for your iPhone or ipod called Tempo Magic  that automatically changes the Beats Per Minute (BPM) of any song already loaded on your iPod or iPhone. You can set it to the exact walking pace you want and it will either slow down or speed up the songs you already listen to.

Don't worry, it won't make the artists sound like the Chipmunks or slow their voices down so much that it sounds like they are talking underwater. That's because it doesn't change the pitch of their voices.

Now you can turn all of the songs you love into great walking music for a great price.

Why Buy a Walking Fitness Music Mix?

These specially designed mixes offer many options. Some of the options to choose from are:

  • Songs for warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Inspiration, encouragement and motivation by a fitness expert
  • Interval training
  • Stretching tips and advice

Where can you find music for fitness walking?

Here are some great MP3 downloads that you can get from Amazon. Not all songs are sung by the original artists because the songs have been remade to an appropriate tempo for each fitness level. They sound very much like the originals, though. Click the link below to be taken to Amazon.com to see all of the walking music downloads you can purchase.

Fitness Walking Music

What is Your Favorite Walking Music?

Do you have a song or album that you just love walking to? Share it with other visitors and help boost their energy too!

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Read Other Great Walking Music Recommendations

"Click on the links below to see some great recommendations for walking music. They were all written by other visitors to this page."

Richard's power walking recommendation 
Ride the River by Eric Clapton and J J Cale when walking quickly

Marc's Walk Yo Butt Off Music 
All the songs I listen to are for fast pace walking. I do a mile in 13 mins now....generally walk 5 to 6 miles 5 to 6 days a week. Here are just a few …

Micks walking compilation 
Killer - Adamski/Seal Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang Du Hast - Rammstein Thong Song - Sisqo Harder better stronger faster - Daft Punk Uninvited - Freemasons …

Jane's fast or power walking music recommendation 
I listen to Streetlight Manifesto's "Somewhere in the Between" album and then their "Everything Goes Numb" album when I walk. SITB is a fast paced album …

Doobie Brothers 
Album "Best of the Doobies" A strong walking pace. I play this on my ipod and it will energize and drive me to complete my 5 mile walk. When the album …

Jenn's Recommendation For All Walking Speeds 
LADY GAGA No matter what speed she has a song for you! And she will inspire you to get moving! For slow walking: Speechless For brisker walking: …

any speed walking music Not rated yet
I really like any of the patriotic music - especially Sousa Marches Some of the Big Band Era music is great also. **Ruth, these are fantastic recommendations! …

quick walking music Not rated yet
One Republic - Til the Love Runs out

Crunk & Hyphy music Not rated yet
Anything by Lil Jon or with Lil Jon gets me hyped and I instantly jog (only for like 20 seconds) then I go back to brisk walking. My favs are 'Bia Bia', …

brisk walking Not rated yet
EYE OF THE TIGER From the movie Rocky. Time of My Life: The Righteous Brothers. Downtown: Petula Clark The Hippie Hippie Shake Twist and Shout: …

The Beat of My Own Drummer Not rated yet
I'm a brisk walker (about 3 1/2 mph)and I've found I prefer a discussion on the radio over music. Don't get me wrong...I love music, but I find the time …

Julie's recommendation for brisk and fast walking music :-) Not rated yet
I don't know what people consider as slow, brisk or quick music but I am guessing none of mine are slow! 1995-Bowling for Soup For Your Entertainment-Adam …

aprox 17 minute mile walk Not rated yet
I recently started using an app called Map My Walk that tells me my walking pace is about 3.6 for aprox a 16.49 min mile. I love, love, love walking …

"Walking with Music to release Stress and to keep yourself Fit " Not rated yet
I started exercising to lose weight in September 2012 and I have lost 5 kg so far. Some of my favorite songs while walking according to speed is as …

What Jere listens to during walking workouts.. Not rated yet
Well, I am currently enrolled in Fitness Walking at a small college where I am an alumni. Rock music has been one of my main interests for over 25 years. …

I like inspirational music Not rated yet
My favorite is "Songs 4 Worship. I walk to the beat of the music and the songs vary which is good for a mid- level walker Songs for Worship...I have …

Sheila's walking music Not rated yet
Every Breath You Take 4:13 The Police Love You Like a Love Song 3:08 Selena Gomez & The Scene Bad Romance 4:56 Lady GaGa …

lawanda's recomendation for inspirational walking music Not rated yet
The song is called "Walking" and the artist name is Mary Mary. he musical lyrics are in keeping with what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish …

Sandi's recommendation for fast walking music Not rated yet
"Gregoria" by Magna Canta "Derezzed" by Daft Punk "Hooked on Classics" by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra --Wow, Sandi, thanks for adding these great …

Christine's Recommendation for Brisk Walking Music Not rated yet
DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love - Usher OMG - Usher Moves Like Jagger - Maroon Five While walking quickly. --Christine, I love these songs! They all …

Power Walking Music Not rated yet
LMFAO - Sexy and I know it LMFAO - Party Rock BEP's - Boom Boom Pow JLopez with Pitbull - On the Floor Black Keys - Loney Boy Pitbull with Neo - Everything …

Lisa's recommendations for brisk walking music Not rated yet
Kylie - All The Lovers Take That - Kidz You find yourself almost route-marching to Kidz, because of the marching feet and beat of the song!!! --Thank …

Four-Mile Per Hour Music Not rated yet
I do a 4mph pace so these are three of the songs I like to use, recommend more please--I've got a half-marathon (3 hours!) to do and lots of training between …

Theresa's recommendations for brisk walking.  Not rated yet
Great Brisk Walking Music: Walk away, Kelly Clarkson A little less conversation remastered version, Elvis Presley Kodachrome, Paul Simon Send me …

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Fast/Power Walk Not rated yet
The latest addition to my mix is Shakira's Waka Waka Africa. Seems to be just the right beat for the pace I set for my half hour around the block walk …

Brisk walking Music (16 to 17 minute mile) Not rated yet
Muse- Uprising U2- Vertigo --Thank you for adding these two songs to the library of great brisk walking music! --Melissa. The-Fitness-Walking-Guide.com …

Brisk Walking Song Not rated yet
Put your hands up for detroit - Fredde le grande --What a great song! Thank you for your contribution. --Melissa, The-Fitness-Walking-Guide.com

Cassandra's idea of good speed walking music...... Not rated yet
Usher and Bieber, Somebody to love, amazing, took me thru my first marathon . Also Bieber's "baby baby" song. Songs from the first High School Musical …

Sandy's mid-to-brisk walking music suggestions Not rated yet
These first two are from a mixtape I made for my pregnancy fitness class way back in '84. They work just as well controlled-walking with an iPod. "Bach …

Lizzie's Favorite Walking Music Not rated yet
Here are the songs I like to listen to when walking: The road to hell/Chris Rae Escapaz/Enrique Iglesias

Lizzie's recommendation for fast walking music Not rated yet
I drove all night/ Celine Dion The great Australian Dream/Graeme Connors Garden Party/Ricky Nelson One night stand/Enrique Iglesias If the world crashes …

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