Walking Exercises

Get Fit and Toned With These Easy Exercises

These walking exercises can be incorporated into your current routine and done virtually anywhere. They will help you build strong, lean muscle and become more fit and toned.

Strength training is an important part of any fitness routine. It will strengthen your bones, improve your metabolism (by building lean muscle mass), and protect your joints from potential injuries. To sum it up, strength training will help you become leaner, fitter and will improve your overall health.

And, walking is a great aerobic activity that will strengthen your cardiovascular system and improve your overall health. In fact, the benefits of walking are incredible! You will feel better both physically and emotionally.

Try to incorporate these into your routine two to three times per week. You may do them in halfway through exercising or after completing a walk.

These wonderful articles and videos are provided by Discovery Health. They are short and easy to understand and implement. Most of the exercises can be done with materials you have around the house.

Walking Exercises


Get great looking biceps with these bicep curls!

Materials Needed: a set of 5-pound weights, or resistance tube, and a balance ball.

Tone up the backs of your arms with these triceps exercises.

Materials Needed: weights, a resistance tube or medicine ball. You can use a balance ball for any of these materials.


Push-ups are great for building strength in the mid-chest area. If you can’t do a traditional push-up, try bending your knees and placing them on the ground. This makes it a little easier.


Get a lean, fit stomach with this Abs workout! This is a great way to strengthen your lateral abdominal muscles too.

Materials Needed:



A strong back is very important to maintain proper posture, which can prevent pain and injury. Here are some really easy exercises you can do to strengthen your back.

Materials Needed:

Weights and a stability ball but you could also do these exercises on a chair instead of the ball.


Get great calves with these calf exercises.

Materials Needed: A set of weights or a medicine ball. A stability ball also is very effective.


Jumping Jacks are a great way to add more of a cardio workout to your walks. Burn extra calories by doing these jumping jacks three times a day.

Materials Needed: none!

You’ll become fitter, toner and firmer when you incorporate these walking exercises into your routine! After a few short weeks, you’ll notice the difference in your body. Not only will you look great, but you’ll feel great too!

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