Walking because of Indy; he would have loved to go for walk.

by Bruce Graham
(Frisco, Tx)

On April 29th of this year, 2013, I decided to lose weight. A decision I've made on more then one occasion over the past few years, but this time things were different. On that day the scale reflected a birthday suit weight of 230 lbs. Not bad if you're 6 1/2 ft tall, but not so good if you're a 5' 9". My goals were simple.

First, start walking Monday thru Friday. Second, walk for an hour each day. Third, lose 30 lbs by Aug 2nd. Fourth, lose 55 lbs by Christmas. The reality of these goals might not have been realistic, but I had to start somewhere, right?

I weighed myself each Friday morning before I went to work and it wasn't long before I began looking forward to those Fridays. After the first few days of walking I was sore and my feet ached; but when I stood on the scale 5 days later I discovered 3 lbs were missing from Mondays weight in; I was hooked.

After about 4 weeks I found myself wanting to walk on the weekends as well and did so. Now I find myself walking 1 hr a day Monday thru Friday and 2 hrs each Saturday and Sunday. Along the way I've made a few slight enhancements to my eating regime as well. Frankly my meal choices have always been poor at best, as I am old "meat and potatoes" guy. However, I now find myself eating nuts and fruit during the day, and loving it.

As of 6/28 my weight was 202 lbs, down 28 from April 29th, and I've completely worn out a pair of running shoes just walking. On Friday I expect to be at 200 lbs and beat my first goal by 1 full month!

I'm sure my full 55 weight loss goal by Christmas will still be challenging as I love Thanksgiving and Christmas Feasts! But I'm equally sure I'll be weighting in at 175 when I sit down for Christmas Dinner with those I love.

**Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! Congratulations on your success so far and best of luck as you continue this journey. Consider interval walking if you find the pounds start coming off slowly - it will help kick your weight loss into high gear. -- Melissa, The Fitness Walking Guide**

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