Top Treadmill Walking Workouts

blast fat, burn calories, and firm your legs

Treadmill walking workouts are a great way to beat boredom, try a new routine and really give yourself a challenging workout. I’ve rounded up some of the best plans out there. They offer a variety of butt-blasting, fat-burning routines on a handy chart you can print and take with you. You can pick your favorite one or try them all to really add some spice to your walking routine.

Treadmill Walking Workouts

If you're new to treadmill walking, please review these tips to make sure that you stay safe and avoid injury.

These routines are very challenging. Don’t push yourself too far. If the speed or incline is too much for you, adjust it so that you stay safe and avoid injury. You can always gradually increase your speed or incline over a few days or weeks to match what is recommended on these charts.

Some of these routines call for you to increase your speed as high as a ‘5’. I know that I need to break into a jog at that speed. You can do that as well or just increase your pace to a ‘4’ or whatever speed causes you to walk quickly.

5 Fun, Fat blasting treadmill walking Workouts

1. The Boredom Buster

Boredom Buster Treadmill Walking Program

This routine, courtesy of , is a challenge in many ways. It will take you on a nice range of speeds, with a very challenging 4.5. It’s also got a great variety of inclines, too.

What’s unique about this routine are the butt kicks and the side shuffles. Be safe and hold onto the rails! These will challenge different muscle groups and will also burn more calories as your body works harder to try something new.

2. 25- Minute Interval Treadmill Walking Program

The Skinny Student uses this workout and says that she burns 215 calories. Not bad at all! I like that the speed is very manageable but you’ll really get a good challenge with the incline levels.

3. 45- Minute Interval Treadmill Walking Program

This routine provides great speed and incline interval training. You won’t be walking too long at one speed or incline so you definitely won’t be bored. I personally can’t walk at a speed of 5.0 and if you can’t either, you can break into a jog or just adjust the treadmill to the max speed that you can walk briskly with. I would add a warm-up and cool-down period to this routine of two minutes each.

4. The Butt-Buster

You have to love the title of this routine! But it truly is a butt-buster. With a very brisk speed and lots of incline levels, you’ll definitely feel this in your butt and thighs.  Adjust the speed or incline down if this is too challenging for you at first. And, add a two-minute warm-up and cool-down period.

5. HIIT Treadmill Working Program

HIIT Treadmill Walking Program

 This high intensity interval training routine, courtesy of Prevention, can be done on or off the treadmill. I like this one because there is no incline involved so you can really focus on your speed and reaching those higher speed levels. This routine will lead you on a set of short, high-intensity intervals, followed by a slower recovery period. Interval training is a great way to burn extra calories because your body is constantly being challenged with the high intensity intervals.

These five treadmill walking workouts will give you a great challenge and add some variety to your daily walks. They will definitely get your heart pumping and your muscles working.

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