Treadmill Walking Tips -
Safety First!

These treadmill walking tips are great to keep tucked away in your mind whenever you exercise. This piece of equipment can be dangerous and people have become seriously injured by not following basic safety guidelines. Picture face planting on the moving belt or falling right off it...ouch!

Location. The back of the treadmill should have at least six feet of clearance space from a wall in the event you fall off. You don’t want to run into a wall! Be sure to stop the belt whenever you get off the machine as you don’t want your kids to climb on.

Automatic Stop. Use the emergency shut-off key or clip. This will stop the machine in case you slip.

Handrails. The handrails should be used as a safety measure when stepping on or off the machine and in the event you lose your balance. They should not be used during your workout. I frequently see people holding on to the handrails throughout their entire workout, especially when climbing hills.

You do not get as good a workout and burn less calories when holding the handrails because you aren’t swinging your arms. So avoid using the handrails during your workout, even if it means you have to decrease the incline or speed.

Position. Try to stay in the middle of the belt. I have a habit of walking too close to the front and often clip my toes the top of the machine.

Maintain good posture; eyes forward, shoulders back and down, chin up and remember to hold in your stomach to give those muscles a good workout.

No Texting/Talking on Your Phone. This probably seems like one of the more obvious treadmill walking tips, but it's becoming more of a problem. Texting while on this type of machine can be really dangerous if you're not concentrating on where you are stepping and people have fallen flat on their faces.

And, it isn't possible to get a good workout in if you are talking on the phone the entire time. You simply are not going to push yourself as hard. If you can, leave your phone in your gym bag or don't be tempted to answer any calls or texts. It's for your own safety!

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