Slow Walking Music  Playlist To Keep You Motivated

Slow walking music is great for a stroll or for beginner walkers who are just starting their fitness routine. These songs are about 120 beats per minute. They will give you energy and motivation for a fun and enjoyable walk.

Listening to your favorite tunes while exercising is a great way to keep you motivated and engaged in fitness. Have you noticed that when you hear a song you like, you start singing or moving to the groove? You can use that good energy in your workouts too!

The songs selected here vary from 115 to 118 beats per minute and are perfect for a beginner walker or if you need something to listen to while warming up or cooling down.

For safety reasons, remember to keep your music turned down low if you walk outside so that you can still hear the world around you, such as cars, bicyclists and other people. You do not want to get so wrapped up in your playlist that you can't hear what's going on around you.

Here are my favorite picks for this pace.

The first list is a collection of "Pop" songs. You may download them at your favorite music downloading site, but I've included links to the iTunes site. 

Since I am also a huge country music fan, I've also created a list of my favorite country songs that are perfect for this pace.

What's your favorite slow walking music?

Know a song or album not listed here that you love to exercise to? Share it by clicking here!

Now you've got the music you need to keep you motivated throughout your walk. These songs will match your pace to keep you moving along while enjoying your workout.

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