Sandy's mid-to-brisk walking music suggestions

by Sandy

These first two are from a mixtape I made for my pregnancy fitness class way back in '84. They work just as well controlled-walking with an iPod.

"Bach Goes to Limerick"--Steeleye Span. The slow oboe intro helps warm up (or as an interval after a fast song)--and then when the song shifts into a brisk 6/8 tempo it's a good one for moderate fitness walking. (The Dead's "Truckin'" is also in that vein).
"When Johnny Strikes Up the Band"--Warren Zevon. About 12 bpm, 4/4, no tempo changes (though the bridge's instrumental arrangement loses the bass & drums, it's still pretty easy to keep the rhythm going.
"Every Breath You Take"--Police. A little faster
"Working On a Dream"--Bruce Springsteen. Same tempo as the Zevon song, above
"I Will Possess Your Heart"--Death Cab for Cutie. Same idea, but a tad faster (though it doesn't seem so till you try to walk).
"Radio Nowhere" (Springsteen again) and "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" (Bruce Cockburn) pick up the pace a bit more.
"Synchronicity II" by the Police is faster still.

AVOID stuff with irregular time signatures (Brubeck's "Take FIve" or Pink Floyd's "Money"). They will drive you nuts and maybe cause an accident. Listen to them afterward, lying down, icing your knees.

Thanks Sandy for the fabulous song recommendations!--Melissa

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