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A pedometer watch can be a very useful fitness tool. In addition to counting your daily steps, they can track your calories burned, heart rate, and more.

The devices that track more, cost more, too. So it’s best to find out what you really want and need and start looking at devices that meet those needs. It’s easy to get carried away by all the “bells and whistles” these devices can offer but if you don’t need it, there’s no need to spend the extra money.

Some people find these devices very motivating. They can see how many steps they’ve taken and how many more they need to take to reach their step goal. Others find this very information stressful!

In fact, a study from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business found that 70 percent of the people who were wearing a device that showed them their step count checked them regularly, which was both good and bad. The authors of this study wrote:

“… participants who could see how many steps they had taken walked farther but enjoyed it less. They also reported walking seemed more like work, and were less happy and satisfied at the end of the day.

Aside from counting your daily steps, it can also track your calories burned and your heart rate which can be helpful information in addition to telling the time. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page and read more about which features have been found to be reliable and which have not.

So, if you are the type of person who will find all of this information too stressful, then choose a good old-fashioned watch that only tracks the…time.

Pedometer watch recommendations for 2018

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS Aluminum Case with Sport Band

The Apple Watch is perfect for those who love the Apple brand. It syncs perfectly with your iPhone and iTunes account. Also comes in a black, silver, or grey band...but I love the rose gold color! This is the latest edition of the Apple Watch and it has a longer lasting battery than previous versions.

It is really an iPhone, iPod and pedometer watch rolled into one device...hence the price tag. You are paying for convenience but for busy people on the go, the time-saving features and versatility of the Apple Watch make it a good value. Here are just a few of the features:

  • Built-in GPS records the distance, speed, and route of your outdoor workouts. It can even track your elevation.
  • You can pair your it wirelessly with compatible gym equipment at the gym.
  • Track your heart rate, speed and calories.
  • Steam music directly to your watch.

And that's just a few of the features!

The Garmin vívoactive is a built-in GPS smart watch. It will display alerts for incoming calls, texts, emails and calendar items. You can set up vibration alerts for run/walk intervals, which I love! I enjoy interval walking but find it cumbersome to keep setting the stopwatch feature on my phone. This pedometer watch solves this problem.

The Fitbit Blaze has some really great features. I like that it will automatically track your activity in case you forget to start logging it. You can pick a work out and get step-by-step coaching right on your watch. It will track your heart rate and sleep patterns, too.

The Fitness Tracker, Wesoo K1 Fitness Watch has a GREAT price tag! It doesn't offer as many features as the more expensive models but for the price you get a lot of great features. This style does NOT track your heart rate. It does track you steps, distance, calories and sleep patterns.

Latest Pedometer Watch Research

First, it’s important to know that even though we may consider these devices as wearable “health trackers”, there is little research to support the long-term health benefits of wearing them. They are still in their infancy and do not have long-term, empirical research studies to back up the health benefits they claim (source).  So, even though they can give you an indication of your current health and vitals, do not rely solely on your pedometer watch to give you an accurate, reliable picture of your health.

In fact, they can be unreliable and not give you accurate health information. Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine studied seven different devices and found that some were more reliable than others. Some of the things that affected their readings were skin color and body mass index. 

These researchers found that all of the devices did a good job of measuring heart rate but none of them measured calories burned accurately (source)

In conclusion, a pedometer watch can be a great tool to track your steps and heart rate. And, it can motivate you to walk more. There are many pedometer watches on the market for you to choose from and, if yours motivates you to live a more healthy lifestyle and gives you health data that you find useful, then I would say it’s a great buy and serves its purpose.

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