Best Nike Walking Shoes for 2019

Nike walking shoes are no longer available. They offer a good selection of "lifestyle" shoes, but in my opinion, those are very different than walking shoes. Many of the "lifestyle" designs are more fashion based instead of athletic based.

If you have your heart set on a Nike walking shoe, it is most likely OK to choose a running shoe instead. Although walking shoes are built with extra cushioning in the heel to cushion a walker's foot strike and a wider toe box than a running shoe, running shoes are usually more cushioned all around and are more flexible as well.

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Women's Nike Walking  Shoes

Nike Walking shoes Are no longer available below you'll find nike's best running shoes

The three styles listed below are for those needing a neutral shoe. Those with high arches should wear a neutral shoe because it allows your foot to move naturally and provides extra cushioning to help absorb the shock to your arches. This type of shoe won't provide much support if your feet pronate as you walk (roll outward or inward). If you need a good stability shoe, I'd recommend choosing another brand of shoe. All of my recommendations are listed here.

Here are the best Men's Nike running shoes.

Men's Nike Walking Shoes

Nike Walking shoes for men no longer available. below you'll find nike's best running shoes

I am a fitness walker but I wear a running shoe for a few reasons. First, I like to sprinkle in a little bit of jogging during my walks and it is much easier to walk in a running shoe than it is to jog in a walking shoe because running shoes are more flexible. Second, I have very narrow feet and running shoes offer a better selection of narrow widths.

In fact, Nike walking shoes don't come in a variety of widths. If you have narrow feet, I'd recommend having a look at New Balance walking shoes or Asics walking shoes, which is what I wear for my narrow feet.

If you feel that your toes are squished in your current shoe, then a walking shoe is probably better for you because they have wider toe boxes than running shoes.

Luckily, there are other athletic brands still making great walking shoes. You can find my recommendations for men's walking shoes here and women's walking shoes here.

What is more important than whether the shoe is designed for running or walking is finding the right shoe type for your feet. The best pair for you is the pair that fits your feet and feels most comfortable. To find out how to determine the best pair for you, have a look at this great article on the best walking shoes.

Unfortunately, there are no Nike walking shoes.  They seem to have stopped making this line of athletic sneakers.

However, their running shoes are made with top notch materials to keep your feet dry and comfortable. They are a great choice for fitness walkers who also like to incorporate some jogging into their workouts.

Please view my list of Best Rated Walking Shoes that includes walking shoes from many different brands. You'll find a lot of great options in every color, price and style.

Don’t miss this helpful article on how to pick the most comfortable shoes. It offers great tips for how to determine which shoe you are going to be most happy with.

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