Best narrow walking shoes for 2019

Looking for narrow walking shoes? I wear an AA myself and I know how limited the selection can get.

Brooks, New Balance and Saucony are great brands that come in AA widths and are great athletic sneakers made from high-quality, durable materials that are comfortable and provide plenty of cushioning, support and shock absorption.

Before you can pick the best pair for your feet, you’ll need to know your foot type. Shoes vary in their cushioning and flexibility and are made for different foot types.

Knowing your type will help you find the perfect pair of narrow walking shoes that meet the needs of your feet. If you don’t know your foot type, have a look at this article on the best walking shoes. It will help you quickly determine your foot type and you’ll also get recommendations on which type of shoe you should wear.

Click here to see the best men's narrow walking shoes.

best narrow walking shoes

best women's narrow walking shoes

Stability Shoes:
These shoes are best for women with normal feet and normal pronation, but women with flat feet or high arches may also find them most comfortable.

The New Balance 990 v4 is a running shoe which I've chosen to feature because it's getting more difficult to find a good walking shoe in a narrow width. Oh the joys of having narrow feet! Running shoes have more width options than walking shoes. This is a great sneaker which received a few complaints for its large tongue. But once walkers were able to get past that, they loved how comfortable these sneakers were. They are lightweight and have a roomy toe box which is great for walkers. They also have a removable insole.

 - The Women's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 are running shoes but they come in narrow sizes and also large sizes. Not only do I wear a 2A width but I also wear a size 12 (ugh!). There just aren't any walking shoes that fit that criteria. Because I like to jog a bit, a running shoe is a good choice for me. It has a roomy toe box which makes this style a good option for walkers because we naturally spread our toes as we push off on each step we take.

Neutral Shoes
Neutral shoes are recommended for women with high arches and/or underpronators (supinators)

Motion Control Shoes
These shoes are best for women with flat feet and overpronators

Here are the best men's narrow walking shoes for 2019.

men's narrow walking shoe recommendations

Stability Shoes:
For normal feet and normal pronation.

 - The New Balance 990 v4 is a running shoe because finding a narrow walking shoe is getting more and more difficult. This is the reason I wear a running shoe - because I cannot find a walking shoe to fit my extra narrow feet. This sneaker is so plush and comfortable and will give you a great walk every time. 

Neutral shoes:
for high arches

These are running shoes but Brooks makes a great men's narrow shoe. I wear Brooks myself because of my narrow feet. It is better to wear a well-fitting shoe even if it is a running sneaker. You will be able to walk for miles in a well-fitting sneaker that is comfortable step after step.

Motion Control Shoes
These shoes are best for men with flat feet and overpronators

I do recommend trying on a few different styles and brands to find out which is the best fit for your feet. A sporting goods store will have the best selection and I recommend starting there first.

A well-trained staff member will be able to discuss your needs with you and make suggestions on which brands and styles would be best for your needs.

Look for a store with a good return policy that will allow you to wear your shoes for a time and return them if they don’t fit right. A pair may feel great in the store but can began to hurt when you wear them under your normal walking conditions.

But if you can't get to a store to try on shoes, these options will not disappoint. Made from reputable brands that offer the latest technology to keep your feet comfortable and dry, each of these narrow walking shoes is a great choice.

Remember, the best pair of sneakers will be the pair that fits the best and is the most comfortable.

To help find the best pair for you, read these valuable tips on how to pick the most comfortable walking shoes.

Now that you’ve found your perfect narrow walking shoes, you’re on your way to an enjoyable walk. Your feet will thank you for it!

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