Five easy Ways to
lose weight walking

How to lose weight walking with these five easy and effective techniques. Five great ways to burn calories and melt the pounds away.

It can be easy lose weight walking with these five techniques. All of these techniques are easy to do and incorporate into your daily routine.

Walking is considered by many to be a perfect exercise. Because one foot is always on the ground, it is a low-impact exercise, which makes it easier on your knees and joints. It is completely free and easy to do. There is no need for a gym membership. In fact, other than a good pair of walking shoes, you are good to go!

In order for these techniques to work, though, you’ve got to eat a sensible diet. It’s really easy to eat or drink too many calories and erase all the calories we’ve burned during exercise.

I recommend following the guidelines provided by You'll get great advice on how many calories you should be eating every day and what types of food to eat to ensure you are eating a well balanced diet.

Research has shown that one of the best ways to lose weight is to keep track of what you are eating and how many calories you are consuming each day.

That’s why I recommend My Fitness Pal. It’s a free website and app for your smart phone that allows you to keep track of what you are eating. Knowing how many calories you’ve already eaten for the day really helps to prevent overeating. It also allows you to keep track of how many calories you’ve burned through exercise.

Remember to always play it safe and check with your doctor before trying these exercise techniques or any new exercise program.

So, how can you get the most out of your walks and lose weight walking? Here are five easy ways to do it…

how to lose weight walking

Walk longer

One of the easiest ways to lose weight walking is to increase the length of your walks. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. This amounts to 30 minutes, five times a week.  

If you’re already walking this much per week, that’s great! Most fitness experts recommend a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise per day, five days a week to lose weight, however. So if you’re currently exercising 30 minutes per day and need to lose weight, you’re going to need to increase your walking time.

To avoid injury, aim to increase your walking time by no more than 10 to 20% per week. You will gradually work your way to 60 minutes instead of doing it all at once. You won’t be able to exercise at all if you hurt yourself so take it slow and ease your body into the extra exercise.

If you’re just beginning to walk or are overweight, recent research has shown that 30 minutes of daily exercise can be just as effective as 60 minutes in terms of body weight and body fat loss.

If you’re wondering how you can possibly fit 30 minutes of exercise into your busy day, the good news is that you don’t have exercise for 30 continuous minutes.

It is just as effective to take three 10-minute walks throughout your day as it is to walk for 30 straight minutes. So try to take a 10-minute walk in the morning, afternoon and evening.

walk faster

Taking a leisurely stroll is not going to cut it if you want to lose weight walking. The intent is to accelerate your heart rate, which requires more oxygen intake, which burns more calories.

You can use the “talk test” to determine your intensity level. If you are able to carry on a conversation while walking, you’re not walking fast enough. You should be moving fast enough that you can still talk, but you’d only be able to say a couple words at a time because you are breathing so heavy.

Here’s an article I wrote on how to walk faster which explains the proper way to increase your speed without injuring your back or legs. The talk test is a pretty good indicator of how fast you are walking but you might want to consider a heart rate monitor that will keep track of your heart rate so you will know when it slows down which will mean that you need to move faster.

walk longer and faster

A great technique to lose weight walking is to walk faster on some days and longer on other days. For example, take three longer walks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at a nice, brisk pace. On Tuesday and Thursday take a shorter walk, but try to walk as fast as you can.

The following week, switch it up and take two longer walks and three short, fast walks. By alternating your longer and shorter walks, you keep your body challenged and continue to burn a lot of calories. But you'll also give your body a nice rest between those quicker walks.

interval walking

Interval training is one of the biggest fitness trends because it is a very effective way to burn a lot of calories in a shorter amount of time. Many experts believe you can burn twice as many calories with a session of interval training than if you spent that time doing your normal workout.

By alternating short bursts of high intensity activity (pushing your heart rate up to 80% of it’s maximum) with recovery periods (exercising at 50% of your heart rate maximum), you will burn a lot of calories in a short time.

And it gets better because you continue to burn calories for up to two hours after your exercise is over. Because you’ve pushed yourself so hard during your interval workout, your body has to work hard to recover and restore itself, which means it's burning calories even when you aren’t exercising.

It’s easy to incorporate intervals into your walking. Here’s an article I wrote about interval walking which will give you more information as well as some interval walking workouts to try.

pole walking

Pole walking or Nordic Walking, is a very effective way to lose weight walking. According to Mark Fenton, author of The Complete Guide to Walking: For Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness, you can burn 20% more calories than regular walking at the same speed. And if you really push yourself, you can burn as much as 45% more.

You can start using these techniques to lose weight walking today. Start by adding one or two to your schedule, especially walking longer and faster. As your fitness level improves and you want to add some challenge and variety to your routine, try interval walking or pole walking for a great workout and calorie burn.

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