lawanda's recomendation for inspirational walking music

by lawanda

The song is called "Walking" and the artist name is Mary Mary. he musical lyrics are in keeping with what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish with walking.

Some of the inspiration lyrics are : "some say that walking takes too long, I say with walking you can't go wrong, why must you rush your way through life, you won't get very far running all the time."

Another set of lyrics from this song responds to the reality of how we as dieters often fall off the wagon with out diet and exercise but we have to pick our selves up again and start again. The lyrics go like this. " look at me, I'm trying, make mistakes, I fall down, get back up so next time that you see me , I'm walking"

It's my favorite song to play when I feel too tired to go on. Or just want to quit. I walk at a moderate pace to this song.

--Wow! Thanks for sharing your inspirational walking music, Lawanda! -- Melissa, The Fitness Waking Guide.

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