Kay's ways for arthritic knees to add steps without adding pain

by Kay
(Washington, DC, USA)

I have arthritic knees, so climbing stairs or walking on hard sidewalks can cause them to hurt even more.

I leave for work early so I can drive to a park and walk over grassy ground or on woodchip trails -- even packed dirt or blacktop paving on trails is easier on knees than concrete sidewalks.

I also exercise at home by putting on lively music and marching in place, lifting my knees high, interspersed with free-form dancing that integrates aerobic exercise moves.

When my knees are really hurting I sit down for part of the dancing -- just doing upper body and waist-twisting moves -- then stand to march in place a little, then sit and dance, then march again, alternating. I only do intervals while dancing -- walking or marching extra fast causes more impact on the knees.

**Thanks for sharing, Kay! I love your low impact ideas for adding steps, especially the dancing! -- Melissa, The Fitness Walking Guide**

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