I Lost 65 Pounds by Walking

by mickey malloy
(Canute, Oklahoma)

On January 9, 2011, I got on the scales and weighed 241 pounds, which was 65 more than I weighed when I got married. That very day I started walking to lose weight.

I discovered I loved to walk. I now walk 8 miles a day and feel great. Walking is like a miracle drug, my blood pressure is down and I no longer take cholesterol pills. Life is fun and walking gives me the best chance to get the most out of life.

**Mickey, thank you for sharing your inspirational story! Walking really is like a miracle drug! It literally can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, prevent certain cancers and improve your emotional well being. And of course, walking improves your physical fitness and strengthens your heart and lungs. That's why I love walking so much! It's so good for you and easy to do. Congratulation on your success. ** Melissa, www.the-fitness-walking-guide.com

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