how to walk faster

Learn how to walk faster using these simple techniques. You'll learn to increase your pace and create a more challenging workout so that you can burn more calories and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Important tips on how to walk faster to burn more calories and avoid injury

There is a right way and a wrong way to increase your walking pace. Let's go over the correct way so that you can avoid injury.

how to walk faster

It is important to focus on maintaining good posture in order to increase your walking pace.

  1. Keep your back straight and your head level. Try to keep your earlobes directly over your shoulders, which will keep your head and neck in alignment.
  2. Look ahead of you, don't look down. That will keep your head and neck in the proper alignment. And help you avoid running into something directly in front of you!
  3. Keep your shoulders relaxed and down. No scrunching your shoulders, which will create tension in your neck. 
  4. Keep your tummy pulled lightly in. This will help strengthen your core muscles and provide support to your lower back.

It is important to focus on a proper arm swing.

  1. Bend your arms at an angle slightly less than 90 degrees.
  2. Keep your hands gently clenched into fists. Don't squeeze tightly. It should feel comfortable.
  3. Swing your arms back and forth. Do not swing them side to side so that your hands or elbows cross over your mid-section. That will hurt your back.
  4. Do not twist your waist.

It is also important to focus on your step.

  1. Your feet will hit the ground heel first, then roll through the toe, until you push off for the next step with your toe.
  2. Focus on pushing off powerfully with your toes to walk faster.
  3. Work on taking quicker steps, not longer ones. 

Last, but certainly not least, it is important to focus on your breathing.

  1. Use belly breathing, which means drawing your breath in using your belly (you should see it rise and fall as you inhale and exhale). Most of us breathe using small, shallow breaths with our chests, which means we aren't letting our lungs fully oxygenate.  For a more detailed description of belly breathing, click here.
  2. Proper breathing during walking ensures that your muscles receive enough oxygen. It will also help you feel relaxed and more refreshed.

When learning how to walk faster, you should never feel uncomfortable. Try to take quicker, more powerful steps. Do not take longer strides. You run the risk of injury by doing that.

additional tips for walking faster

  • Try listening to some great walking music. I always move faster when I'm listening to my favorite songs. You can find my recommendations for walking music here. You'll find song recommendations to match your walking pace so that you can maintain your speed. A word of caution, though. Always listen to your music on a low setting if you are walking outdoors. You want to be able to hear any cars or people around you.
  • To ensure that you are walking fast enough to get a good cardiovascular workout, see my tips on how to find your target heart rate zone. It's important to keep your heart rate within this zone to maximize your calorie burning potential and improve your level of fitness.
  • You can find out just how many calories you are burning at your new, improved walking pace here

Learning how to walk faster is a great tool to become stronger and leaner. Remember, focus on quicker steps, not longer strides. Grab your iPod, fire up your favorite tunes and you'll be walking faster in no time!

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