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These fitness expert interviews will give you the motivation you need to get fit and feel great. I searched the web for the best online blogs on fitness and motivation.

Use the tips below to get fresh ideas and inspiration to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. As you'll learn, you can squeeze in more exercise and activity into your already busy day by doing quick exercises, such as a set of push-ups or lunges.

Fitness Expert Interview 1: Angie Shumacher, Fat Burning Tips 4 Women

1. What advice do you have for someone just beginning a fitness routine?

Set some goals first and make sure to write them down. Take measurements and photos before you start. This will be the best way to determine how you are doing. Start slow and make sure to have a plan. Plan out your workouts for the week, so that you are able to stay on track.

2. What are some of your favorite exercises?

I love squats, lunges and pushups. You could get a pretty good overall body workout just by using those exercises. Squats and lunges are great for burning fat from your lower body and pushups will help to strengthen and tone your entire upper body while working your abs as well.

3. What are some easy exercises to squeeze in anywhere (for example at the office or at home)?

The same exercises that I mentioned before, but there are so many to mention. You don't need any equipment to get in a good workout, all you need is your body. For instance, try this bodyweight workout:

*15 Squats *15 Pushups *15 Triceps Dips (on bench or chair) *30-60 Seconds of Plank *25 Jumping Jacks

There you have a total body workout with added cardio. Repeat the exercises up to 6x for a complete workout.

4. Do you have any recommendations for how to spice up your current fitness routine to burn more calories and fight the boredom?

Try to change your workouts at least every 4 weeks. Not only to prevent boredom, but also to make your body have to work harder at something new.

If you workout at a gym, go outside and workout and vice versa. Go to a park and use the playground equipment to get in a good workout. Play a fitness game with cards. Assign an exercise to a suit. Use the number on the card for the repetitions. The possibilities are endless!

Fitness Expert Interview with Angie Schumacher, a Certified Fitness Professional and the author of the Fat Blasting Bootcamp. She provides fat burning tips to women on her blog and also runs a Fit Chick Express Online Monthly Workout Club.

Fitness Expert Interview 2:
Lisa, Workout Mommy

Fitness Expert Interview with1. What advice do you have for moms who feel too tired to exercise or feel they don't have time for exercise?

Just do it because you WILL feel better afterwards! I tell myself that I just have to exercise for 10 minutes, if I want to quit after that first 10 minutes, then it's okay. Most of the time I keep on going.

Yes, time is scarce these days, so you have to learn to be creative. Jump rope, do squats, lunges, etc. while your kids are playing. Run up/down the stairs in your house for some quick cardio and do pushups/crunches while the kids are playing on the floor. Every little bit counts!

2. What advice do you have for moms just beginning a fitness routine?

Start slow and ease into it. Find an exercise partner if possible to help keep you motivated. And realize that your body is not going to make changes overnight. Don't give up if you don't see results right away!

3. What are some of your favorite exercises (cardio or strength training)?

My absolute favorite is the walking lunge. It gets my heart rate up while giving my legs and buns a great strength workout as well. (Plus, I can do it anywhere!)

4. What are some quick and easy exercises to squeeze in with the kids around?

I do jumping jacks with them, run around the yard, and lunge and squat around the house. I use my coffee table for tricep dips and do push ups whenever I am down on the floor playing.

I also have a double jogging stroller, which allows me to go for runs/power walks while the kids enjoy the scenery.

5. Do you have any recommendations for how to spice up your current fitness routine to burn more calories and fight the boredom?

Challenge yourself in different ways! Take on a new fitness class (like boot camp or intervals) or sign up for kickboxing.

Fitness Expert Interview with Lisa, the author of Workout Mommy. She is a certified personal trainer and also holds a Group Fitness Certification.

Thank you Angie and Lisa for sharing some great ideas on how to stay motivated while getting fit! These fitness expert interviews should give you some ideas for how to squeeze more exercise into your busy day.

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