Exercise Walking
How to get fit and feel great

Exercise walking, also known as aerobic or fitness walking, will help you lose weight and build and tone your muscles. Not only will you feel great, but you will look great too!

After a few weeks, you’ll notice leaner, firmer muscles in the lower half of your body. Specifically, your buttocks, calf muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings will become more toned.

Not only will you improve your physical appearance, you’ll also improve your cardiovascular system, making your heart and lungs more efficient and strong.  And the benefits  don’t stop there!

You’ll increase your metabolism so that you burn more calories throughout the day. You’ll also feel better emotionally. To read about more incredible benefits, don’t miss this article on the benefits of walking.

Because exercise walking is a low-impact activity, there is little risk of injury to your joints and muscles. This means that it isn’t as hard on your body as other sports like running. Truly, walking is a near-perfect exercise!

Exercise walking is not a leisurely stroll. It is brisk walking that will raise your heart rate and quicken your breathing.

It is always a good idea to get checked by your doctor before beginning any kind of exercise. After you’ve receive the “go ahead” from your doctor, there isn’t much you’ll nee to get started except a good pair of shoes. Here are some recommendations for the best walking shoes.

There is no fancy equipment to buy or expensive monthly membership. You can get started today for free! Here are some helpful walking tips to ensure you get started on the right foot.

There are many kinds of exercise walking. Start with the one that appeals to you, but don’t be afraid to try them all to add spice and variety to your walking routine.

exercise walking ideas

mall walking

Mall walking is a great way to get fit in a safe, convenient location. No need to worry about the weather when you walk indoors!

Many malls offer a program that you can join for free or a small fee. These programs offer perks such as blood pressure checks, monthly lectures on health and wellness topics and much more. This is a great way to get your walking in while making new friends.

Power walking

Power walking can burn just as many calories as jogging. And it’s better for your joints than jogging. It’s a great way to burn lots of calories while strengthening your cardiovascular system.

Solo walking

If you enjoy walking by yourself, here are some great tips for solo walking.

These tips will help you enjoy your time alone while maximizing your workout.

Treadmill walking

Treadmill walking is great way to exercise if you prefer to walk indoors. It even has some advantages over outdoor walking.

Walking on the beach

Walking on the beach is a great workout because you must work harder to walk in the sand. It will burn calories faster than walking on an even surface.

Walking backward

Walking backwards exercises your muscles in a completely different way and it helps to improve your balance. Try it out to boost your workout.

Interval walking

Interval walking will help you maximize your walking by burning more calories. By rotating intervals of regular-paced walking with bursts of high-energy walking, you’ll burn plenty of calories and avoid a fitness plateau.

Stroller walking

Stroller walking is perfect for parents who want to spend time with their little ones and exercise at the same time. You can get a great workout and spend quality time with your child while stroller walking.

dance walking

Dance walking is a fun way to combine two types of fitness into one. Not only will you get fit, but you'll have fun, too. You can do this type of fitness alone, making up your own moves or with a free workout video (click on the link above to get the video). You can also join groups of people who love dancing and walking via meetups or facebook.


Find walking programs to help you get in shape and feel slimmer and healthier. There are many programs to choose from. Each option will help you lose weight and get fit.

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