Join the dance walking revolution

The dance walking revolution is sweeping the globe…have you heard about it yet? This new form of fitness got its start in 2012 when comedian Ben Aaron posted this hilarious video on YouTube.

This video sparked a worldwide interest in dance walking. Why is it becoming so popular?

  • It’s fun – you can’t help but smile as you bust out your favorite moves while strolling briskly down the street.
  • It’s exercise – combining these two low-impact sports is a great way to boost your heart-rate, burn calories and enjoy all of the benefits of exercise, such as strengthening your cardiovascular system and improving muscle tone.
  • You’ll feel good – studies have shown that exercise can help improve your mood, happiness and self-esteem.
  • It’s easy – there are no rules or right way to do this. As long as you are moving briskly and increasing your heart rate, you’re doing it right.

ready to give it a try?

You can do this just about anywhere. But if you’re not brave enough to walk down 5th Avenue in New York City like Ben Aaron did, here are a few ways to get started:

  • facebook - There are facebook pages just for dance walking that encourage people to post pictures of videos of themselves shaking their groove thing as they stroll along. If you need some ideas or encouragement, check out one of these pages to help get you started.
  • Meet-ups - There are also meetups for those who want to participate with others. Visit to find out if there is a group near you.
  • Videos - If you’re not quite ready to join a group, how about trying a dance walking workout video in the comfort of your own home? Here’s a video that will lead you through a great workout.

Dance walking for fitness, healing and more

The story below was written by Teresa, a visitor to Read her beautiful story below on how she uses dance walking for fitness and much more. In fact, Teresa describes it as good for the soul.

Smiles, laughter, thumbs-up and oh yes, a few uneasy glances are sure to greet me when I dance walk on the seashore. Foamy waves tease my sneakers, in attempts to soak them, while I Salsa back and forth. The early morning sun and gentle breezes kiss my face. Dance walking creates endorphins in my brain, and probably tones my body a little bit. I love dance walking!

When I first merged dancing with walking, 2 years ago, I had never heard of dance walking. At that time, I truly imagined that I was creating a new fitness craze! Then I reconsidered, hmmm, surely I could not be the only one having all this fun! A brief Google search revealed a delightful discovery. I was NOT alone!

Dance walking nourished my soul and helped in clearing my mind during caregiving for Mami .She suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and died unexpectedly last September. Eight short days after her death, Don, my husband, my rock - especially during our journey together with Mami’s cruel Alzheimer’s disease, also died unexpectedly.

Every day, dance walking is helping me place one foot in front of the other, shift my sadness to gratitude, accept my grief and maintain joy in my life. I am grateful for dance walking!

I strongly suspect that you love walking because you are visiting Melissa Ellefsen’s website! Do you also love dancing? Do you also love music? Why not combine all three together?! Dance walk as if no one is watching! Life is a gift! Celebrate each moment! I do...

Teresa Miranda - April 20, 2014

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