Pick The Most Comfortable Walking Shoes

Find the most comfortable walking shoes for your feet with these tips. There isn’t one pair that will be best for everyone so it's best to know what to look for before you go shoe shopping.

There are many factors to consider when looking for a comfy pair of sneakers, such as foot type, walking surfaces and personal preference. Here is some great advice to use when buying walking shoes:

Shop later in the day. Your feet can swell throughout the day so shoes that fit in the morning can be too tight in the afternoon.


Bring the socks you plan to wear while walking. You probably have socks that have different degrees of thickness, which will effect how well the shoe fits your foot so bring the ones you plan to wear while walking to get a perfect fit.

Shop at an athletic shoe store instead of a department store. An athletic shoe store will have trained shoe fitters and employees that are more knowledgeable about athletic shoes.

Ask the salesperson to measure your feet. You probably already know your shoe size and have known it for years, but have your feet sized – both of them! Our shoe size can change as we age. Wearing the wrong size can cause blisters, bunions and many other painful conditions.

Try on both shoes and walk around the store. You want to get the feel of the shoes on both feet.

Get the right fit. Wiggle your toes and make sure you have at least half an inch between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Make sure your heel fits snugly in the shoe. Your heel should not slip as you walk, that will only cause painful blisters. Also, make sure the shoe is wide enough so that the ball of your foot fits into the widest part of the shoe. It should be a sung fit, but not tight.

Test out several shoes. Try on many brands and styles to find the pair that is most comfortable for you.

They should not need to be broken in. That’s right; if your new shoes are uncomfortable in the shoe store, don’t buy them! That discomfort will only get worse when you start walking.

Comfortable walking shoes tip -
know what kind of feet you have

If you have normal feet, you can virtually take your pick among any walking shoe, although a stability shoe is probably going to fit the best. Here are some recommendations for pronators and supinators.

Pronators - also known as "flat feet". Your feet roll inward when they land, which can cause pain in your knees and shins. You'll need a shoe that provides motion control in the midsole and prevents your foot from rolling inward.

Supinators - also known as "high arches." Your feet tend to roll outward as they land and you can develop problems with your knees if you don't wear shoes to help with this issue. Look for a shoe that has great shock absorbing abilities for extra cushioning. This is often called a "neutral" shoe.

By following this advice you will find the most comfortable walking shoes for your individual needs.

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