How to Combine Walking & Bodyweight Exercises Easily

Are you ready for strong, toned muscles?

Here’s the scenario: You are an avid walker and can walk 10000 steps a day. Walking has helped you reduce body fat, decrease BMI and taken your endurance/stamina to new levels. You are pumped!

Its time to take your walking workout to another level. How?

By combining it with bodyweight exercises or calisthenics.

Inside This Article:

·       The benefits of Bodyweight training

·       How to combine bodyweight exercises with walking

·       4 Best Exercises

·       Sets, reps and rest intervals

·       Sample Workout

·       Summary

The Benefits of body weight training

There are 3 key benefits of bodyweight training:

One: Stronger Bones

Stronger bones are a key to peak health and fitness. This is especially true for women. Why? Because women suffer more from osteoporosis, especially childbearing women.

Walking is considered the best exercise and for good reasons. Walking is a weight bearing exercise. 

Bodyweight exercises like push-ups and squats put additional stress on your bones. Bones need such exercise for their growth. Although walking does help improve bone mass, it doesn’t stimulate upper body bone growth. Also, advanced walkers need additional stimulus for strong bones as your body adapts easily.

Two: Stronger Muscles

With strong bones come strong muscles. Resistance/tension is the language of your muscles and bodyweight exercises or calisthenics are an excellent way to add functional muscle mass.

Since the exercises are functional, your added muscle mass will be real, unlike the fake muscles of professional bodybuilders.

Also weak muscles are considered as the sign of early aging. Calisthenics make them stronger and you look will younger.

Three: Lose Weight

Bodyweight exercise burns more calories both during and after exercise!

They form the basis of many weight loss programs because they work wonders.

Since your muscles fire, you will benefit from excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This simply means you burn calories for up to 24 hours after exercise.

How to combine body weight training with walking

If you have done interval training, then the new combination will be easy for you to grasp.

In interval training you alternate between high and low intensity phases. 

In the bodyweight-walking method, you perform bodyweight exercises as the high intensity interval training method. You then use walking as a low intensity exercise to calm down.  With that, here are…

4 Best Exercises for total body muscle development

You will be performing only 4 exercises:

1.      Push-ups

2.      Squats

3.      Pull Ups and

4.      Lunges

These 4 exercises cover all major muscles of your body.

Cycles, Sets, reps and rest intervals

Cycles: 2 to 6

Sets: One set of each exercise for each high intensity cycle

Reps: 5 to as many as possible

Rest intervals: 20 to 60 seconds

Sample Workout: 3 X per Week

Week One: 

Cycles: 2

Warm Up

5 minute walk

Cycle 1 - 4 bodyweight exercises for 5 reps each

60 second walk

Cycle 1 - 4 bodyweight exercises for 5 reps each

60 second walk

You can continue walking as long as you can.


Week Two:

Cycles: 3

Warm Up

5 minute walk

Cycle 1 - 4 bodyweight exercises for 6 reps each

50 second walk

Cycle 1 - 4 bodyweight exercises for 6 reps each

50 second walk

Cycle 1 - 4 bodyweight exercises for 6 reps each

50 second walk

You can continue walking as long as you can.


Week 3 to 6:

Increase number of cycles by one, increase reps by one and reduce walk by 5 to 10 seconds EACH WEEK.

This is Progression and is the key to continual strength and stamina gains.

Once you finish the 4 to 6-week cycle, go back to week one routine, but make the exercises harder by either increasing the reps from the beginning or adding difficult variation of each exercise. 

This is my key to build stronger, leaner bodies that my clients are proud of.


Summary: Hippocrates said walking is the best exercise. Add bodyweight exercises to walking and it will make Hippocrates proud. Bodyweight exercises are functional, can be done anywhere and are immensely versatile.

P.S.Don’t hog a lane to do your calisthenic exercises. Do them in an area where you do not interfere with other walkers!

About the Author:

Mateen Sidd is a muscle and strength coach who specializes in helping people build lean muscle mass naturally without supplements or dangerous drugs. Check out his build muscle without weights section for detailed description of the above bodyweight exercises and more.

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