The Amazing Benefits of Fitness Walking

Improve Your Budget and the Environment!

The benefits of fitness walking improve your physical and emotional health. But you may not have known about these exciting benefits that improve your budget and the environment!

You’re about to read about these benefits, but first, let’s describe exactly what fitness walking is…

What is Fitness Walking?

Fitness walking is not a leisurely stroll. It is brisk walking designed to strengthen your cardiovascular system (heart and lungs) and/or to lose weight. For this reason, it is also called aerobic walking because aerobic exercises accelerate your heart rate and target a major muscle group.

Examples of aerobic exercises are walking, running and biking. Exercises that require short bursts of energy are called anaerobic, such as lifting weights or running sprints.

This type of exercise makes your heart and body stronger. This simple exercise can have profound effects on your physical and emotional well being, not to mention your wallet and the environment.

Economic Benefits of fitness walking

Yep, you guessed it. The more you walk, the less you'll drive. So, walking is good for your wallet too! Try walking to work, school, or walking to complete your errands and you’ll feel better and save money too.

Environmental Benefits

Choosing to walk to your favorite places instead of driving has a positive impact on our environment. Just one gallon of gasoline emits about 19 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions into the air. Walking instead of driving reduces greenhouse gases, slows climate change and improves air quality. Read more about why walking is green and its impact on the earth here

Health Benefits

The health benefits of walking include improved metabolism, emotions and moods. In addition, you’ll reduce or prevent your risk of coronary heart disease. This article provides more extraordinary benefits of walking.

Are you ready to start walking? Here are some great articles that will give you the information you need to begin a successful walking program. You’ll be on your way to looking and feeling great in no time!

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You now have the motivation you need to start walking! The benefits of fitness walking include improving your health, appearance, emotional well-being, as well as your wallet and the environment.

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