Anne's Extra Steps

by Anne Crosby
(Carrollton, Tx )

When my clothes finished drying I would empty the dryer into a laundry basket then bring it to my folding and hanging station that is 4 rooms away from the laundry room. I did this to save time and energy but having extra time and using less energy isn't nearly as important as getting more exercise.

So now I prepare my laundry in the folding and hanging area, then I go to the dryer and grab just 1 or 2 items at a time. I then walk back to my folding area and put away the 2 items. I go back again and get 1 or 2 more items from the dryer then back to my folding area to put those away as well. I repeat the steps until the dryer is empty. It may not sound like a lot but sometimes I do a lot of walking over 1 load of laundry when it's done piece by piece. It's not quite so beneficial with a small load but I still use this process on everything I dry. I have noticed that this act alone does increase my daily steps. When I finish hanging and folding all the clothes and getting a little exercise in the process of these chores, it's a real boost to my self esteem!


**Thank you, Anne, for submitting your creative way to add more steps to your day! -- Melissa, The Fitness Walking Guide **

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