How To Add More Steps To Your Day

10,000 Steps A Day

It’s easy to add more steps to you day. Read the ideas below and incorporate them into your daily routine.

Keep in mind that experts agree it takes 21 days to form a new habit. That means that anything new will feel uncomfortable and weird for the first 21 days.

After that, it will become second nature. So stick with it for three weeks and soon you’ll be stepping your way to better health and weight loss.

Rise and shine early. Wake up half an hour early and go for a walk. If the thought of waking up even earlier than you already do makes you cringe, plan to do this only a few days a week.

Walk after dinner. Go for a walk around the block after dinner. Take the dogs, kids, or spouse with you and use it as time to reconnect. Or, take the time for yourself. Soon you’ll look forward to this time. This can be one of the most rewarding ways to add more steps to your day.

Make commercial time stepping time. Stand up and march in place during every commercial break. Or take a lap around the living room. Researchers from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, found that walking in place during commercials burned an average of 148 calories per hour while sitting and watching TV only burned 81 calories per hour (Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, February, 2012). You can almost double the amount of calories burned in one hour by walking during the commercials!

Take the stairs. Always take the stairs instead of the elevator when you can.

Don’t get chained to your desk. Stuck at a desk all day? Get up every hour and take a walk through the building or walk in place. I work on the first floor of a five-story building and I often climb the stairs all the way to the fifth floor in the afternoons. The funny thing is that I see other people doing the same thing! Looks like I’m not the only one trying to add steps to their day.

Find a new restroom. Don’t use the restroom that is closest to your desk or office. Find one in the building a little farther away or another floor.

Make lunch time walking time. Your lunch break is a great time to get in some exercise. Take at least 10 minutes to walk around the building or climb the stairs.

Park as far away as possible. When searching for a parking spot, pick the one that is farthest away. Not only will you add more steps, your car is less likely to get dinged up because you may be the only car parked so far away!

Always return the shopping cart. That’s right; don’t just push the cart into the parking space next to your car. Take it to the designated return area or better yet, return it to the front of the store.

Walk it; don’t drive it. Think about the errands you run. Are there any you can walk to? Can you walk to get that morning coffee on the weekends? Think carefully before you get into your car about where you are going and if you can walk there instead.

What else can you do to add more steps to your day? Get creative and challenge yourself. Once you start searching for ways to add steps, you’ll find that it becomes easier to find opportunities.

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