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Walking Vest - Burn More Calories While You Walk

A weighted walking vest is the safest way to carry weights while walking. And the extra weight helps you burn even more calories while walking. But be sure to get all the facts before adding weights to your walks because it isn't recommended for everyone.

Don't miss this great article that Tony Rovere, author of Health-And-Weight-Loss-Tips.com, wrote for my fitness walking readers on the pros and cons of walking with weights.

Watch TV and Burn More Calories?!

Yes, you can still watch your favorite TV shows and squeeze in a little time for calorie burning! A recent study found that walking in place during commercials was an effective way to burn calories.

The researchers found that walking in place during commercials burned an average of 148 calories per hour compared to only burning 81 calories while sitting and watching TV for the entire hour. Here is the full article for more information.

How's that for motivation?! What a great way to burn off a few extra calories each evening.

How To Pick the Perfect Pair of Walking Shoes

I am so pleased to be featured on Melinda's Fitness Blog! I cover one of my favorite topics; how to pick the perfect pair of walking shoes.

If you need new walking shoes, and remember, you should replace your shoes every year (about 50 to 100 miles), then don't miss this article on how to find the best pair for you.

You can read the full article on Melinda's site about how to find the best walking shoes.

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