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How can you burn even more calories while walking? Below you’ll find some easy steps you can take today to increase your calorie burning potential with each and every walk.

It’s important to know why any exercise routine becomes less effective as time goes by. The secret lies in the body’s ability to adapt.

It’s quite amazing, really – our ability to adapt. Over the years, our bodies have adapted to a variety of things, such as climate and location.

Our bodies will adapt to exercise too. This means that after awhile, exercises that were really tough and exhausting become easy. That’s a good thing! You body is becoming stronger and more fit. But it also means you’ll burn fewer calories doing that same exercise day after day.

You’ll probably notice that after 6 – 8 weeks your body adapts to a particular exercise and that is when your calorie burning slows down. Here’s how you can avoid this:

  • Change your walking routine every 6 – 8 weeks. Take a new route or use the same route, but go the other direction (begin at the end and finish at the starting point).
  • Incorporate interval training into your walks 2 – 3 times a week. Break your walk into 5-minute intervals. Walk at your normal pace for 4 minutes, and then walk as fast as you can or jog slowly for 1 minute.

    Continue these intervals throughout your entire walk. When that gets easy, increase the high intensity interval (the fast walking or jogging) to two minutes. For more great advice, read this article on interval training.

These two tips are sure to kick your calorie burning into high gear. When you change your routine frequently, you slow your body’s ability to adapt and continue to burn as many calories as possible.

Have a great month and happy walking!