My BOB Revolution Stroller Review

Melissa's Bob revolution stroller review

Update: I wrote this BOB Revolution Stroller Review shortly after I purchased it 9 years ago. I still have it and I still use it almost daily. Nine years and three kids later and it's still in great shape!

I wasn’t planning to buy a BOB Revolution stroller. I had a hand-me-down jogging stroller that worked just fine. But, we decided to check out REI’s annual sale and the BOB Revolution strollers were on sale.

“What’s the harm in just giving one a try?” I said to myself. Suddenly, it was like a dream – my son eagerly climbed into the stroller and it glided as if on air under my touch. I was in love! I couldn’t let it go! “I deserve it”, I told myself. And that’s how I got my BOB Revolution stroller.

Okay, okay, I know that sounded a little silly. But it really did happen like that. The BOB Revolution stroller is so easy to push that it really does feel like it’s gliding on air. Because of the front swivel wheel, you can push it with only one hand and it turns on a dime.

Now let’s get to my BOB Revolution Stroller Review

The price is not for the faint of heart ($450 for the single stroller, depending on where you buy it), but the superior quality makes this stroller worth the money. The best feature is the ability to steer with only one hand and turn on a dime.

What I love most is the lockable front wheel. You have the option to leave the front wheel in “swivel” mode, which allows you to maneuver around anything. It is perfect for trips to the mall or theme parks. You can also lock the front wheel, which provides more stability for walking over rough terrain.

This stroller is the perfect all-around stroller. You won’t have to buy one stroller for trips to the store and another stroller for fitness walking.

Although I have the single stroller, the Duallie (double) version is also available. I haven’t tried this myself, but my friend has twins and absolutely loves his Duallie. It has all of the same features of the single stroller, so my review could apply to the Duallie as well.

Here are my pros and cons about my BOB Revolution stroller:

Bob Revolution Stroller - Pros:

* Versatile – lock the front wheel for fitness walking; put it in swivel mode for trips to the mall.

* Safety – 5-point safety harness, foot brake, and a safety tether.

* Extra large canopy – the canopy can be pulled down to block the sun from baby. It also has a window in the canopy so that you can see your baby.

* Reclining seat – baby can sit up or lay down.

* Storage – there is a basket underneath and two pockets in the seat itself.

* Front wheel tracking – this mechanism helps the stroller to steer in a straight line.

* Easy to fold – the manufacturer says it’s a one-step folding system. I’m not sure I agree with that. I would say it’s a two-step process to fold it, but it’s very easy to do. The tires come off to make it easy to store.

* Car seat compatible – it is compatible with most car seats (see manufacturers guidelines for more information).

Bob Revolution Stroller - Cons:

* It doesn’t come with many extras. Parent cup holders and the car seat adapter are sold separately.

* No hand brake. I loved this feature on my jogging stroller. It allowed me to slow the stroller down with a touch of my hand. I guess the manufacturer assumes that you don’t get going too fast when walking, but we know that’s not true! Especially walking downhill, it would be nice to have a hand brake, but the stroller is so sturdy and because of the tracking mechanism, it stays on course and is very easy to manage at any speed.

You won’t be disappointed if you purchase this stroller. And because this is the only stroller you will need from the time your baby is born to the time he is 70 pounds, the price is a bit easier to swallow.

Where to Buy a Bob Revolution Stroller

  1. I recommend taking a look on first. You may find a great deal. I often see parents selling their single BOB stroller because they are expecting another child and need to upgrade to a double stroller.
  2. There are many online sites, but I love because I can often find the lowest prices, free shipping and super-fast delivery. Here is one ordering option from Amazon.

There are also many BOB accessories you can purchase separately to make your walks more enjoyable. I purchased the parent cup holder, which holds two drinks and has a small compartment for your keys and phone.

There are some great wind/rains shields available as well. The most important accessory, a must in my opinion after having my BOB Stroller for 10 years, is described below.

I wish I would have bought this. It seems like spending another $40 sounds like a lot but it's hard to be without these items.

First, parent cup holders are a must. Where else can you put your water, keys, phone for easy access?

And, you are going to need this pump. The wheels are just like bicycle wheels. That means they will need to be pumped the most inconvenient times and places.

I would also recommend purchasing an extra tire tube for your BOB Stroller and keeping them in this storage pack.

I've had two popped tires on my BOB stroller. Both times it happened at Disneyland (ran over a pin) and so I had to rent a stroller and leave my nearly $400 stroller in the hotel!

I hope you've found my BOB Revolution Stroller review helpful. I am just one of the many happy mommies who have purchased this stroller :)

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