Best Women's Walking Shoes for 2015

Women's Walking Shoes

The best women's walking shoes for 2015 include some time honored customer favorites, revamped styles and brand new additions to the list.

If you've made it a goal to get fit and lose weight by fitness walking, the only thing you really need is a great pair of sneakers. But first, you need to know what type of shoe you need. They are designed for a variety of feet based on arch type and pronation.

This list will give you recommendations for women with high arches or flat feet. You'll also find the best choices for overpronation and underpronation.

If you don't know what type of feet you have, this article on how to find the best walking shoes for your feet will help you determine your foot type and give you recommendations on the proper shoe.

Below you’ll find a list of the best walking shoes for women. Some of the best brands are Asics, Brooks, Saucony and New Balance. They are categorized by the specific foot type they are designed for.

You'll find recommendations  for the best walking shoes for flat feet (motion control shoe) and the best walking shoes for high arches (neutral shoe). You'll also find some great choices for Stability shoes (normal arches, normal pronation).

Best Walking Shoes for Women for 2015

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Stability Shoes:
Best walking shoes for women with normal feet and normal pronation, but may be appropriate for some with flat feet or high arches

New Balance WW1765 - Women's - Shoes - Grey

The New Balance 1765 has a lot of cushioning for a comfortable feel but it's made with more lightweight material. Women love this shoe because it is comfortable, durable and is available in some fun colors, such as purple or pink, which is a nice alternative to the all white shoe.

Asics GEL-Foundation Walker 3 - Women's - Shoes - White

- New!  The Asics GEL-Foundation Walker 3 is new to the 2015 Best Walking Shoes list.  It has a low, beveled heel and a flexible forefoot to support your foot through the entire heel-to-toe motion that you take with each step. It is made of leather but also has a breathable mesh upper and a sock liner that is made to wick moisture away from your feet to keep them dry. It received the American Podiatric Medical Institute (APMA) Seal of Acceptance.

Saucony Grid Omni Walker - Women's - Shoes - White

- These are very comfortable shoes that provide good support and cushioning. Walkers love these shoes and they are great for those on their feet all day.

Neutral Shoes
Best women's walking shoes for high arches and an underpronator/supinator

Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 - Women's - Shoes - White

- New! New to the 2015 Best Women's Walking Shoes List is the Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4.  Built with Asics GEL® cushioning for added comfort and shock absorption. This style is also made with a bunion window so it's great for women who suffer from bunions or who are just looking for an extra roomy toe box. They are lightweight and made with Asics' DuoMax® materials which will help keep your feet dry. I also like the reflective details on the shoe which can be seen by headlights if you are walking at night. 

New Balance WW665KM - Women's - Shoes - Pink

- The New Balance 665 is a great all-around walking shoe built for comfort and durability. And it doesn't hurt that it's cute and stylish, too!  It's also lightweight and breathable to keep your feet dry and happy all day.

Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST 2 - Women's - Shoes - White

- The Saucony Integrity ST 2 is a very well-made, durable shoe that is offered at a great price. It provides a lot of flexibility, especially in the forefoot. This is a great shoe for those with high arches. They can be worn all day.

New Balance WW659 - Women's - Shoes - Grey

- Designed for an active walker, this style offers just the right blend of cushioning and support. The rubber outsole provides great traction and the synthetic and mesh upper will help keep your feet dry as you walk.

New Balance WW1745 - Women's - Shoes - Black

- New! New to the 2015 Best  Walking Shoes for Women List is the New Balance 1745. I love the color options of this sneaker! In addition to its good looks, this style is going to give you great support and cushioning. It's made from a very light, breathable material to help keep moisture away. Women report that they are very airy, comfortable, and supportive.

Saucony Echelon LE2 - Women's - Shoes - White

The Saucony Echelon LE2 is a perfect choice for someone who needs to be on their feet all day, whether it is for work or for sightseeing. This is a very comfortable shoe, built for great shock absorption and durability.

Ryka Devotion - Women's - Shoes - Silver

- New! New to the 2015 Best  Walking Shoes for Women List is the Ryka Devotion. I absolutely love all the color combinations and for less than $80, you can't find a better sneaker! It's made from materials that will provide support and cushioning but will keep your feet dry. Women love that they are comfortable, good looking and lightweight.

Ryka Dash - Women's - Shoes - White

- New! New to the 2015 Best  Women's Walking Shoes List is the Ryka Dash. This sneaker comes in so many great color combinations and for less than $60, it's a great option for a woman needing a neutral shoe. It is lightweight and built for shock absorption and cushioning. It offers great flexibility and traction, too.

Motion Control Shoes
Best walking shoes for women with flat feet and overpronators

New Balance WW847WB - Women's - Shoes - White

- This updated style is a great choice because it receives high marks for comfort, cushioning and arch support. It's also breathable to keep your feet dry, too. You can use your own orthotics and they are great to wear as a work shoe.

New Balance WW978GT - Women's - Shoes - Brown

- I was thrilled to find these hiking shoes that are perfect for a woman looking for a motion control shoe. This is a great choice if you enjoy trail walking and hiking. An update to the popular 976 and 977 styles, this style offers waterproof GORE-TEX® material to keep your feet warm and dry. It also has a very sturdy outsole to give you great traction on any surface.

Brooks Addiction Walker '09 - Women's - Shoes - White

- The Brooks Addiction Walker is an all-around fabulous shoe and always a favorite on my Best Women's Walking Shoe List. It is without a doubt, a customer favorite with an enormous amount of positive reviews. If you need a motion control shoe, give this one serious consideration. It is comfortable and lightweight, but comes with plenty of cushioning. In fact, many women enjoy wearing these shoes all day so they are perfect for someone who is on her feet all day. Additionally, they will give your feet the extra stability they need and help prevent them from rolling side to side.

New Balance WW928VW - Women's - Shoes - White

- The New Balance 928 is an industry leading motion control walking shoe for women who need the most support they can get in a sneaker. It provides plenty of support and comfort. They received high marks for comfort and durability

New Balance WW812VW - Women's - Shoes - White

- An update to New Balance's time-tested, all-around favorite, the 811. This shoe is made of soft material, making it very comfortable. The rollbar technology offers lateral support, which is important for those who need pronation control. It is also a great shoe to wear if you'd like to use an orthotic insert. The velcro strap is a great option for someone who has trouble tying shoe laces.

I recommend trying on several different shoes to find the best women's walking shoes for your feet. Visit a shoe store that specializes in athletic shoes.

Talk with a knowledgeable staff member who can analyze the needs of your feet and make recommendations on the best women's walking shoes that specifically for you. You can even bring in your current walking shoes as the wear pattern can help identify what kind of shoe you will need.

Buy your sneakers from a store that allows you to either exchange or return your shoes within the first thirty to sixty days. A pair that feels great on your feet in the store could give you trouble once you start walking in your normal environment.

Don’t miss these helpful tips on how to find the most comfortable walking shoes.

There are many choices for women's walking shoes. But the best pair of women's walking shoes are the ones that fits your feet best. Always go for comfort and the right level of support when it comes to a good exercise sneaker.

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