best wide walking shoes for 2014

Wide walking shoes are available in many brands and styles. Here you’ll find the top picks for 2014 for men and women based upon recommendations by the pros and ratings by those who have worn them.

Use this list as a starting guide for your sneaker search. If you find a pair that feels great on your feet and isn’t on this list, buy them! The best pair is the one that supports your feet and gives them the cushioning they need.

You can find a great pair for around $100 or less. Avoid buying cheap or discount shoes because the materials are inferior and will wear out quickly.

It is best to shop for shoes in person, at an athletic shoe store, so you can try on a few pairs to find the one that fits best.

You can even bring in your current pair of walking shoes and an experienced employee will be able to discuss your wear patterns, as well as your needs for a new pair and make some recommendations for you.

But, if you can't get to a shoe store, don’t miss this article on how to find the best walking shoes for you. It will walk you through determining the wear pattern on your current sneakers and other techniques to determine exactly what type of shoe will fit your feet best.

Understanding the needs of your feet will help you select a pair of wide walking shoes that has just the right amount of flexibility, control and cushioning to keep you walking pain free.

women's wide walking shoes

Stability Shoes:
Good for normal feet and normal pronators. May also work for some with flat feet or high arches.

New Balance WW1765 - Women's - Shoes - Grey

- New! New to the 2014 Best Wide Walking Shoes List is the New Balance 1765. It is lightweight but has plenty of cushioning to give your feet a comfortable walk. Women rave about this style, saying it's the most comfortable walking shoe they've ever worn. And, it comes in some really cute colors so they are a fun and stylish alternative to the boring one-color athletic sneaker.

Asics GEL-Foundation Walker 2 - Women's - Shoes - White

- This is considered a stability-plus sneaker because it has more support than your typical stability sneaker. It has gel cushioning to provide great shock absorption. It provides good arch support and receives top marks for comfort.

Saucony Grid Omni Walker - Women's - Shoes - White

- The Saucony Grid Omni Walker is a comfortable and lightweight option that provides good shock absorption. Walkers who have bunions or plantar fasciitis find these to be a great option to help relieve their pain.

Neutral Shoes:
Good for high those with arches and/or someone who is an underpronator/supinator

New Balance WW665KM - Women's - Shoes - Pink

- New! New to the 2014 Best Wide Walking Shoes List for women is the New Balance 665. Made from lightweight, synthetic mesh, this shoe will feel good and keep your feet dry, too. Women gave it high marks in comfort, cushioning and durability.

Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST 2 - Women's - Shoes - White

- This style offers plenty of cushioning, which is just what a neutral walker needs. It's an extremely well-made shoe that will hold up even if you wear it every day. It is also very lightweight and comfortable.

New Balance WW659 - Women's - Shoes - Grey

- This is a great style and offered at a great price, too. Extremely comfortable, even if you have to be on your feet all day.

Motion Control Shoes:
Good for those with for flat feet and for overpronators

New Balance WW847WB - Women's - Shoes - White

- New! The New Balance 847 has great pronation control to give you added support. Women rate this style well for comfort and consider it a great all around walking shoe. It's not as lightweight as other styles, but it does offer that extra bit of stability, which makes a big difference to those who need it.

Brooks Addiction Walker '09 - Women's - Shoes - White

- This is consistently a top-rated wide walking shoe. It is extremely comfortable and offers great shock absorption. It is lightweight and can be worn with orthotics.

New Balance WW978GT - Women's - Shoes - Brown

-  This is a perfect style for someone who enjoys hiking. An update to the popular 976 and 977 styles, this style offers waterproof material so your feet stay dry. It also has a very sturdy outsole to give you great traction on any surface and prevent slipping.

New Balance WW928VW - Women's - Shoes - White

- This is an updated version of the New Balance 926 and 927. Although the picture here shows velcro, this style also comes with laces. It provides great motion control and can be worn with orthotics. They are comfortable enough to wear all day and are one of the best rated motion control shoe

men's wide walking shoes

Stability shoes:
normal pronators. May also work for some with flat feet or high arches.

Saucony Grid Omni Walker - Men's - Shoes - Black

The Saucony Grid Omni Walker is perfect for everyday wear and fitness walking. It's approved for diabetic walkers and is good for those with plantar fasciitis.

It received high marks for comfort and is lightweight and provides good shock absorption.

New Balance MW1765 - Men's - Shoes - Grey

- New! New to this year's Best Wide Walking Shoes List is the New Balance 1765. This is a nice, lightweight style with plenty of breathability for your feet.

Asics GEL-Foundation Walker 2 - Men's - Shoes - White

This style offers great pronation control and plenty of cushioning. The insole is removable so you can insert your own orthotics.

For walkers with high arches and supinators/under pronators

New Balance MW759BR - Men's - Shoes - Brown

The New Balance 759 is a great option for light hiking and daily walking. It provides great arch support and is made from materials that offer extra durability and traction for those off-road adventures.

New Balance MW659 - Men's - Shoes - Grey

- New! The New Balance 659 made this year's list because it is made to be comfortable, yet durable with great traction for a variety of terrains.

Motion Control Shoes:
for men with flat feet and for overpronators

New Balance MW847WN - Men's - Shoes - White

New! The New Balance 847 is new to the 2014 Best Wide Walking Shoes List and was chosen because it offers great support and pronation control. It also wicks moisture away from your feet to keep them nice and dry.

Brooks Addiction Walker - Men's - Shoes - Black

The Brooks Addiction Walker is an all-around outstanding walking shoe that offers great motion control and comfort, too.

Men like that it is a comfortable shoe that feels lightweight and is durable, too.

New Balance MW978GT - Men's - Shoes - Brown

This is a great walking and light hiking shoe. It provides great traction for hitting the trails. And it's made with a waterproof membrane so you don't have to worry about walking through those puddles.

With all these extra comforts, this style still receives high marks for feeling lightweight. It's also rated highly for comfort and durability.

New Balance MW812WT - Men's - Shoes - White

If you loved the New Balance 811, the 812 is the updated version. This is a comfortable and well-cushioned shoe.

New Balance MW928BR - Men's - Shoes - Brown

An update to the New Balance 927, the 928 offers even more stability and a more stylish design. This style rates high in comfort and durability. Many men call it the "best walking shoe ever." It can be used for those with plantar fasciitis.

If you are a woman, you can wear mens' styles as they are made wider than women’s and may be a good fit for a wider foot.

Before heading to the store, read these valuable tips on how to pick the most comfortable walking shoes.

Buy your wide walking shoes from a store that has a good exchange or return policy. A pair may feel great in the store, but you may develop aches and pains when you use them under your normal walking conditions. If that happens, you should be able to bring your wide walking shoes back and exchange or return them.

It is easy to find a great selection of the best wide walking shoes. With a bit of knowledge about what your feet need, you’re on your way to finding your perfect pair!

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