The Only Walking Equipment You Really Need...

walking equipment

What walking equipment do you really need? Truthfully, you don’t need much. That is why I love this sport; there isn’t any expensive gear to buy.

However, the gear that I do recommended on this page will make exercising more comfortable and your life a little easier by tracking how much distance you’ve logged and how many calories you’ve burned.

1. A pedometer will count your daily steps, total mileage and calories burned. This is a very handy device to keep track of your progress. You can buy for as little as $15. Read this article on the best pedometers to ensure you are buying an accurate and affordable pedometer.

Why is it necessary to count your steps? Counting steps can help you lose weight and improve your health.

2. A good pair of walking shoes. This is probably the most important gear you need. A well fitting pair of shoes can prevent many kinds of injuries and sprains to your feet, legs and back. Here are my tips for finding the perfect fitting pair of shoes.

The following recommendations for fitness gear aren't necessary, but will help you burn more calories and have more fun!

3. Walking Music. Fitness walking and music that you enjoy will give you a boost of energy. There is nothing like hearing your favorite songs to get you moving. Learn more about which walking music is best for your fitness level in this article.

4. Fitness Walking Books. It's great to have a book on hand when you can't logon to :) Here are my recommendations for fitness walking books.

5. Walking DVDs or Walking Videos. For those days when you can't leave the house, pop in a walking DVD or video and get your walking workout done in your bedroom or living room. See my recommendations for fitness walking DVDs and videos

6. Hydration Belt/Waist Pack. Ever wonder where to stash your keys, cell phone and water bottle while walking? A hydration belt is a hands-free way to carry all of these items. Here are my recommendations for the most useful and affordable Hydration Belts.

7. Walking Hand Weights. The use of walking hand weights will add variety and challenge to your walking routine.

They will help build muscle in your triceps, biceps, chest, shoulders and core. They will also increase the intensity of your cardio workout, which will burn even more calories during your walk. Read this article on my recommendations for walking hand weights.

And don't miss these great gift ideas for a fitness walker. From high tech to low tech, there is a practical and useful gift for every level of fitness walker.

Now you have recommendations for the walking equipment you need to get the most out of each and every walk. You'll find your walks safer and more enjoyable too!

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