Best Nike Walking Shoes for 2014

Nike walking shoes are available for 2014 and a few styles are very highly rated by walkers. However, Nike doesn't have a large selection, as they put most of their resources into their running shoes.

If you have your heart set on Nike and can't find a walking shoe that you like, it is most likely OK to choose a running shoe instead. Although walking shoes are built with extra cushioning in the heel to cushion a walker's foot strike and a wider toe box than a running shoe, running shoes are usually more cushioned all around and are more flexible as well.

I am a fitness walker but I wear a running shoe for a few reasons. First, I like to sprinkle in a little bit of jogging during my walks and it is much easier to walk in a running shoe than it is to jog in a walking shoe because running shoes are more flexible. Second, I have very narrow feet and running shoes offer a better selection of narrow widths.

In fact, Nike walking shoes don't come in a variety of widths. If you have narrow feet, I'd recommend having a look at New Balance walking shoes or asics walking shoes, which is what I wear for my narrow feet.

If you feel that your toes are squished in your current shoe, than a walking shoe is probably better for you because they have wider toe boxes than running shoes.

What is more important than whether the shoe is designed for running or walking is finding the right shoe type for your feet. The best pair for you is the pair that fits your feet and feels most comfortable. To find out how to determine the best pair for you, have a look at this great article on the best walking shoes.

Below you’ll find a description of each Nike Walking Shoe. I’ve also read through all of the user reviews to determine which style appeals to fitness walkers of every level. This will help you determine the pair that is best for your feet and your needs.

Nike walking shoes are a little hard to find online although I've found some that I've included in the list below. You can find one or two more on the Nike website. I've also included some of their most popular running shoes.

Women's Nike Walking Shoes

Nike - View III (White/Pale Blue) - Footwear

- Nike View III - This pair is lightweight and provides moderate arch support, They received high marks for comfort and cushioning.

It is made with great materials including soft lining to keep your feet comfortable. It is also made with mesh materials to keep the air circulating around your feet to keep them dry. They are also easy to keep clean

The rubber on the bottom of the shoe provides great traction and is made from slip resistant materials. And Nike included their Rolling Rail technology in the outsole for a stable ride through the heel-to-toe transition.

Nike - Zoom Elite+ 6 (Summit White/Gamma Grey/Poison Green/Reflective Silver) - Footwear

- Nike Zoom Elite+ 6 - This is a neutral running shoe meaning it has plenty of flexibility, shock absorbency and cushioning. It's also lightweight and receives high marks for comfort. It comes in a variety of colors.

Nike - Lunarglide+ 4 Breathe (Sport Turquoise/Fiberglass/White) - Footwear

- Nike Lunarglide+ 4 - This Nike running shoe is one of the most highly rated shoe of any brand. It is a stability shoe so it provides moderate stability and pronation control. Women report that they are comfortable and lightweight with a good amount of foot support. The insole is removable in case you want to put in a custom orthotic.

Nike - Lunareclipse+ 3 (Strata Grey/Grand Purple/Violet Pop/Reflective Silver) - Footwear

- Nike Lunareclipse+ 3 - This is a stability shoe with a little bit more stability thrown in! So this may work for some of you who are looking for a motion control shoe although I could not find a true motion control shoe made by Nike. This shoe is made with a soft lining and tongue which makes it very comfortable. They are lightweight and women love the support they provide to their feet.

Men's Nike Walking Shoes

Nike - View III (Black/Black) - Footwear

- Nike View III - It received great ratings for comfort and style by those who have worn this style. It is available in a wide width and provides moderate arch support.

It is made of a durable "upper" (the top portion of the shoe) that is easy to clean. It also has perforated holes above the toe box and fabric mesh to help air circulate around your feet and to keep your feet dry.

It is made with lots of padding for comfort and cushioning for shock absorption. It is also made with Rolling Rail technology to help your foot strike the ground properly.

Nike - Zoom Elite+ 6 (Black/Dark Grey/Volt/Reflective Silver) - Footwear

- Nike Zoom Elite+ 6 - one of Nike's best running shoes for a neutral foot. It has a bit of stability built in but is mostly flexible and lightweight.

Nike - Lunarglide+ 4 (Black/Reflective Silver/Wolf Grey/Dark Grey) - Footwear

- Nike Lunarglide+ 4 - One of the most highly rated running shoes. It's a stability shoe so it's perfect for someone who needs some arch support and pronation control. They are very comfortable and lightweight. They also provide a nice amount of cushioning too.

Nike - Lunareclipse+ 3 (Sport Grey/Pimento/Midnight Fog/Reflective Silver) - Footwear

- Nike Lunareclipse+ 3 - The men's version of this shoe is not as popular as the women's. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in a wide width but for those with a medium width, this shoe is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day. It has more stability than your average stability shoe so it will provide good support for those with moderate overpronation.

Nike walking shoes and running shoes are made with top notch materials to keep your feet dry and comfortable. They are a great choice for fitness walkers although I'm disappointed over the small selection of walking shoes as well as the limited availability of wide and narrow widths.

Don’t miss this helpful article on how to pick the most comfortable shoes. It offers great tips for how to determine which shoe you are going to be most happy with.

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