Best hydration belts

A hydration belt is a great way to keep your hands free and still carry water, keys and other necessities while walking.  They are made to be very lightweight and easy enough to access the water bottles with just one hand.

Some users report that it took a walk or two to get used to wearing it, but after that, they barely noticed it around their waists.

They can be adjusted on your waist so that the water bottles don't bounce, giving you a truly comfortable fit. It's really a great way to stay hydrated while walking, plus an added bonus of keeping your hands free from water bottles, keys or a phone. 

best hydration belts for 2015

This Nathan Speedbelt is a great choice because:

  • It has a wicking fabric to keep moisture away from your back
  • It holds 2 water bottles
  • It has a place to keep your key or other small essentials
  • Available in different color combinations
  • I also like that it has reflective material on it for a little extra safety at night

Users like this model because it has separate zippered compartments so you can keep your keeps and phone separate. They also like that there is no bounce from the water bottles, even when they are full. And, the bottles that are included do not leak while walking or running.

This style only holds one water bottle for those who don't need to carry as much water. It's a nice sized water bottle, though, at 22 oz.

Some of the great features of this model are:

  • Has a separate, zippered pocket to carry your keys or phone.
  • Wicking material to help keep moisture/sweat away.
  • Reflective piping for added safety when walking at night.

Users like that the bottle doesn't bounce, even when full. The angled direction makes it easy to grab the water bottle with one hand.

This is the lightest of all of the styles. Some of its great features include:

  • Adjustable straps to tighten the belt perfectly so that the water bottles don't bounce at all.
  • A pouch to carry keys, cellphone and more.
  • Easy access water bottles.

Users also like the shape of the water bottles and that they are easy to open with your mouth. This model was rated as extremely comfortable.

If you like to walk for over an hour, then you really should consider carrying water with you. A hydration belt is a great way to hold water. In addition, they hold your keys, phone and more, making them very convenient.

They are lightweight and made to be easy enough to use with just one hand while walking. This is truly a tool that will make your walks more enjoyable.

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