Six gift ideas
for fitness walkers

Fitness  Walking Gift Ideas

Need a great gift idea for a fitness walker? Here are my six favorite gift ideas that are sure to delight any walker.

These items are both useful and practical. That means they will get used! They won't be put up on a shelf and forgotten about. They are perfect for a beginner walker to a seasoned walker.

1. Headband

Isn't it annoying when your headband won't stay in place and your hair falls out of it? Sparkly Soul Headbands do not slip! They stay in place and won't cause a headache. And, look at the sparkles! I'm a sucker for anything bright and shiny. I am buying a few of these this year.

Women's Running Magazine named Sparkly Soul Headbands as "Best stocking suffers of the season".

Sparkly Soul has given my readers a special discount code for a limited time only. Visit the Sparkly Soul website and use the code
FITNESSWALKINGGUIDE between December 8 - December 15, 2015 for a 15% discount!! NOTE: Discount does not include packs, gift cards, other promotions or accessories.

2. Digital Pedometer

The Fitbit Zip is a great little pedometer that you can buy for less than $50. With nearly 5,000 five-star reviews of the Fitbit Zip on Amazon, you can rest assured that this is a great little device.

Its features include:

  • It will track how many steps you take, your distance and how many calories you burn.
  • It will sync with your computer or smartphones and tablets that have Bluetooth technology.
  • You can set goals for yourself, see your progress and earn badges.
  • You can track your friends’ progress.
  • You can wear it in your pocket, on your belt or even in your bra.

3. wrist pedometers

A wrist pedometer makes a great gift. Besides tracking your daily step count, it is a powerful little tool that allows you to set daily goals, track your sleep habits, track your calories consumed, burned and more.

4. Walking Socks

I know how corny this sounds, but walking socks can be a life changer. They are made from synthetic materials that keep moisture away from your feet so they stay drier in your shoes. They just fit your feet better, too, than a cotton sock. And they don’t stretch out or bunch up. They can also help prevent blisters from forming.

I bought a pair of walking socks for my mom years ago and she still raves about them to this day. I didn’t realize it, but she would just keep washing that same pair over and over so she could wear them as often as she could. They made that big of an impact on her life! She liked them because they fit so well and were the only pair of socks that kept her from getting blisters. So yes, I bought her a few more pairs!

Here are some of the best walking socks available.

5. Fitness walking books

I’ve been reading a lot of fitness books lately and I always learn something new. Whether it’s advice on how to get a better workout or a technique I had forgotten about, I always find something helpful. The books I’ve chosen below provide walking plans that will improve your fitness level and help you lose weight.

6. Safety vest

I know this isn't the most exciting gift, but it truly could be a life saver. It's so practical and useful for a walker. Yet most of us don't bother to buy one for ourselves.

This is a thoughtful gift that can be worn year round and could possibly be the most important thing a walker puts on.

So now you have  a few great gift ideas for the fitness walker on your gift list. Or, you just may want to add one of these gift ideas to your own wish list!

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