Best fitness walking books

Fitness walking books are a great source of information when you aren’t able to get online and visit :0

You can visit your local library and browse the selection there, or go to a bookstore for a more up-to-date selection.

You will find the largest selection online and many websites allow you to read a chapter before you decide to buy.

Additionally, you can also read the reviews of people who have purchased and read the book.

The books I’ve listed below are my personal favorites:

Fitness Walking for Dummies  is my favorite! It is very thorough and covers every aspect of fitness walking from choosing the right shoes to finding the right treadmill. It also includes information on nutrition, weight loss and stretching routines.

I recommend this book for: beginning fitness walkers.

Leslie Sansone, the author of this book, is a pioneer in the fitness walking world. She is very warm and motivational. In this book, she offers a six-week plan that includes walking and strength training to get fit and lose weight.

It includes a journal for you to track your goals. Also included are stories from women who have used Leslie’s plan to lose weight and get fit.

I recommend this book for: Walkers who want to lose weight and/or build muscle and would like a plan to do so.

This book is written by Therese Iknoian, a fitness walking expert. It provides 60 different walking workouts that you can use to meet your goals.

It also gives you instruction for how to create your own walking plan, as well as tips and advice on getting the most from your walks.

I recommend this book for: experienced fitness walkers who need some fresh walking workout ideas.

Here are more recommendations to inspire and motivate you:

If you prefer a magazine, Walk About Magazine is a free, bi-monthly publication just for walkers (you'll need to pay for shipping and handling). It offers information, education and personal stories to inspire and motivate you.

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