Fast Walking Music playlists to Pump up Your Energy!

Fast walking music will give you the energy you need to keep up that  quick pace. These songs are perfect for someone who can complete a mile in 15 to 17 minutes. Songs for this pace vary from 130 to 138 beats per minute.

Here is my playlist when I'm walking at this quick pace. You'll find a great variety of artists and genres, such as AC/DC, Adele, Backstreet Boys, Donna Summer and Barry Manilow. There are hits from 2013 and years past. There is something here for everyone!

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Looking for even more of your favorite songs? is a great website to use to find songs that match your pace. First, select your tempo, then the genre of music (rock, hip hop, etc.) you like best and you’ll receive hundreds of songs that match your preferences. You can even download them directly from the website.

This site’s search feature is a little difficult because it requires you to solve a simple math problem and type in the answer on every single page. That gets a bit tiring after a few pages. But it’s worth the extra work to find music that you enjoy.

Now that you have some great tunes, you’re ready to get started! You’ll find that exercising is much more enjoyable when listening to songs that are matched to your pace. It helps you keep your pace while boosting your energy.

If you’re walking outdoors, remember to keep your volume at a low level for safety reasons so that you can still hear the sounds around you.

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Recommended Playlists:

  • Slow walking music - Great music set to a slow beat for beginners or for a  warm-up session or cool-down session.
  • Brisk walking music - A great playlist for those who can walk a 17-20 minute mile.
  • Power walking music - When you're ready to take your walks to the next level, I've got some fast paced music that will keep you energized.