Brisk Walking Music Playlist to Rev Up Your Energy

Brisk walking music is perfect for anyone walking a 17 – 20 minute mile. This translates to songs that are 118 to 126 beats per minute and are perfect for intermediate fitness walkers.

Listening to music with a tempo that matches your walking speed will help you maintain your energy level throughout your entire workout.

Below you'll find my favorite brisk walking music lists. You may download these songs from your favorite music downloading site but I've included links to iTunes.

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This first playlist comes from CD's that have taken hit songs and remastered them to fit within the 118 - 126 beats per minute. Here are my favorites:

Brisk walking music playlist

I believe you’ll have even more energy if you listen to your favorite songs. Have you ever noticed that you get a burst of energy when you hear your favorite songs? Wouldn’t it be great to get those bursts of energy while walking?

If my playlist doesn't include enough of your favorite songs, you can make your own playlist at

You may use this site to find your favorite songs at particular beats per minute so that you can create a playlist that is perfect for you.

First, choose the tempo of the songs you are looking for. I would first search for songs in the 120 beats per minute category and then go back and repeat your search in the 130 beats per minute category (there are many songs that are 128 beats per minute that will be slightly faster than your walking speed, but they will push you to walk just a bit faster).

You can then enter in the genre of songs you are interested in (e.g., dance, country, etc.). The site will generate hundreds or thousands of songs for you to review. I must tell you that the search feature on this site is a bit tedious. You must solve the math problem at the top of each page before you can go to another page. But I think it’s well worth it to develop a personalized playlist of your favorite songs. This site even allows you to download the songs. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that!

Now that you have your playlist, you are ready to start walking! Enjoy your energy boost from these great songs.

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