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For Fitness walkers who want great quality and good prices

Which are the best walking strollers? The best pick for you is one that fits your needs and your baby’s needs. It is helpful to first think about the features you really need.

Have a look this article on the walking stroller features I recommend to make your walks more enjoyable and comfortable. It will help you select which options you need and give you options on which strollers would best suit your needs.

I've walked with a Graco stroller which was very hard to push up hills and maneuver over uneven terrain. I've also used a running stroller with a fixed front wheel. That was much easier than the Graco but I didn't like having to lift up the front of the stroller every time I needed to make a turn.

The strollers listed below made my best walking strollers list because they are geared toward parents who want to fitness walk or do light jogging/running with their child. They are all a little bulky and not the lightest of the bunch, but you are going to pay a lot more for a light aluminum frame and you really don't need that unless you are a runner.

What I love about these strollers is that they have the swivel wheel in front. I love walking with the wheel unlocked, in swivel mode. It lets me turn on a dime without having to pick up the front end to make a turn. I think this feature is the key to happiness when fitness walking with a stroller.

Although these strollers are easy to fold up, they are bulky and can be tough to get in and out of a trunk. I used to lug my BOB Revolution stroller in and out of my car every day and it was a bit of a job, but it was worth it to have a stroller that is so easy to walk with.

Best walking strollers

This walking stroller has hundreds of positive reviews and comes with some nice perks at no extra cost. It is lightweight and gives baby a nice, smooth ride. Many moms report that it is easy to push on unpaved roads. I like that it comes with two cup holders as well as an MP3 speaker so you can play music for your child. It has an adjustable handle so you can have a comfortable grip no matter how tall you are...or aren't!

You will not be disappointed if you purchase a BOB Revolution! This is a hands-down parent favorite. As quoted by, it is one of the “best all-purpose strollers ever produced.” It has every bell and whistle and comes in a great assortment of colors.

It is also car seat adaptable and has a swivel wheel. It is also officially endorsed by Stroller Strides, a total fitness stroller walking program that is widely popular throughout the United States.

I have been loving my BOB Revolution stroller for 8 years now! I have been using it daily for the past 8 years and it is still in great shape and is easy to push. Read my BOB Revoultion Stroller review.

This one is a mom-favorite and has been on my best walking strollers list for years now because it is easy to maneuver and adaptable with 15 different car seats. I like that it comes with cup holders so you don't have to pay extra for those. It is also ipod/MP3 player compatible so you can listen to your favorite tunes while walking. In fact, it is even outfitted with iBaby so your baby can hear your music as well.

Moms like that it has plenty of storage space and is easy to fold. On the downside, some moms complain about its bulky size and the fact that it won't fit in a smaller car trunk. Most walking/jogging strollers are bulky, though, because of the 12-inch wheels. They just aren't going to fold up into a nice neat, little package.

With this walking stroller, you are getting a lot of great features at an incredibly low price.

It has a swivel wheel, which makes it easy to use for a stroll at the park or you can lock the wheel for more serious exercise.

But it also comes with all of the nice conveniences, such as a snack trays and cup holders.

Any of these best walking strollers will provide your baby with a smooth, comfortable ride. They are easy for you to push and steer. You'll be surprised at how much of a difference a good stroller can make. You'll enjoy your walks even more!

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