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The following article about the Virtual Walk Adroid App was written by the developer to introduce it to more walkers. I think it's a great app for walkers who want to make their walks more interesting. It transports you into a variety of walking routes in the U.S. It's a fun way to challenge yourself and learn something new about a different area of the U.S. Enjoy!! - Melissa, the-fitness-walking-guide.

To keep themselves motivated, some walkers keep track of their accumulative miles on a virtual map across the country. Virtual Walk is based off that simple concept. Instead of mapping out where you are, (MapMyWalk and Endomondo are examples that do this), Virtual Walk maps out where you want to be - on a map chosen from an expanding library of virtual routes.

Each route has something different to offer, and they vary from lengthy treks (Appalachian Trail) to historical tours (Washington D.C.). Interesting information about landmarks that users “walk by” is included along the way. The content is rich and contains pictures, to give users as much of a feeling that they are actually there as possible. There are also quizzes and links to YouTube videos to make things even more interesting.

The goal of Virtual Walk is to provide these virtual experiences, while maintaining motivation and fitness details that a walker needs. Each walk is recorded along with miles and time to be reviewed later. The support for Virtual Walk is ongoing, and new features and routes will be added frequently.


Virtual Walk can keep you motivated to walk the extra mile to the next checkpoint on the map, as well as keeping you interested with a variety of routes to choose from. Virtual Walk can be used to walk the Boston Marathon course, which can’t normally be done due to qualifying times.

Coming Soon:

Soon to be added to Virtual Walk will be support for a constant speed input for use on a treadmill. This will allow for using the application on Tablets. A store will be added to let users download a variety of extra walks for less than what you would pay for an app. A pedometer will be added soon as well to be used in support of weak GPS and indoor mall walking.

For more information about how to download this app, please visit Virtual Walk.

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