Best New Balance Walking Shoes for 2017

New Balance walking shoes are a great choice because you can find a good selection of styles, sizes and widths.

New Balance has invested a lot of resources into their walking shoes line to create styles that meet every type of need. They’ve also incorporated many of their running shoe features, such as flexibility and cushioning, to create the most comfortable, lightweight shoe possible. They also come in a variety of sizes as well as narrow and wide widths to accommodate every foot size.

If you love the New Balance brand, then you won’t have trouble finding a great walking shoe. What is more important than the brand, though, is selecting the shoe type most appropriate for your foot. Shoe manufactures make three different types of shoes (neutral, stability and motion control) to accommodate your arch type and pronation level.

If you don’t know your arch type or pronation level, please take a minute to read this article on how to pick the best walking shoes. It is a step by step guide on how to determine which type of shoe your feet need.

After reading thousands of shoe reviews, it is easy to see that most of the time, when someone writes about how uncomfortable the shoe is, it is because they are wearing the wrong shoe type for their feet. And wearing the wrong shoe type creates all sorts of issues, including arch pain, heel pain, knee and back pain.

I’ve chosen the best rated New Balance walking shoes and sorted them by type so that once you determine whether you need a neutral, stability or motion control shoe, you can quickly select the best style for your feet.

If you are looking for a good pair of work shoes, walking shoes are a good choice because running shoes tend to cost more and you don’t need to pay for those features that a runner needs.

Best New Balance Walking Shoes - Neutral

New Balance - WW877 (Silver) Women's Shoes

-  The New Balance 877 is medicare-approved and made with a suede and mesh upper for breathability and comfort. Women walkers give it high marks for comfort and style. It also has plenty of toe room.

New Balance - WW665 (White/Blue) Women's Walking Shoes

– Lightweight, flexible, shock absorbent. The padded heel collar helps keep your heel from slipping. Women with bunions and plantar fasciitis find them very comfortable. The toe box is nice and roomy so your toes will not feel squished.

New Balance - MW665 (Silver/Blue) Men's Walking Shoes

- The New Balance 665 is lightweight with a foam padded collar and tongue to keep your feet comfortable all day.

New Balance - MW1865v1 (Grey/Black) Men's Shoes

- New! The New Balance 1865, Version 1, are comfortable, well-cushioned sneaker that is great looking, too.

New Balance - MX623v3 (White/Navy) Men's Shoes

- The New Balance 623 are comfortable enough to wear all day. They received very high marks for their comfort.

New Balance - MW665 (Silver/Blue) Men's Walking Shoes

- The New Balance 665 is a great style for all of your outdoor activities. Breathable, lightweight and well-cushioned, this style will keep you in comfort all day.

New Balance - MW877 (Grey) Men's Shoes

- The New Balance 877 is medicare approved and can accommodate orthotics. It has a breathable mesh and suede upper with premium cushioning in the footbed for maximum comfort.

best new balance walking shoes - stability

New Balance - MW847v2 (White) Men's Walking Shoes

– This style is built with a wide toe box which is great for men with wide feet. It has a breathable mesh upper to keep your feet dry all day. If you have to be on your feet all day, consider this New Balance walking shoe.

New Balance - WW847v2 (White) Women's Walking Shoes

- The New Balance 847, version 2 is designed for comfort and support. The material is breathable and should help keep your feet dry all day. It has a nice roomy toe box, which is great for someone with wide feet. Women have said it helps their plantar fasciitis. It’s easy to slip a custom orthotic into this style, too.

New Balance - WW1065 - Fitness Walking (Grey) Women's Shoes

- The New Balance 1065 is lightweight and comfortable. It's a great looking shoe that is durable and breathable, too. Women report that is runs on the narrow side.

Best new Balance walking shoes - motion control

New Balance - WW928v2 (Grey) Women's Walking Shoes

- New! New to the 2017 Best New Balance Walking Shoes List is New Balance 928, version 2 for women. It comes in either leather or suede. There are many positive reviews on this style. They are extremely comfortable and durable.

New Balance - MW928v2 (White) Men's Walking Shoes

- New! The New Balance 928, version 2 for men are new to the 2017 Best New Balance Walking Shoes List. They provide comfort and motion control and have a lot of great ratings by men who are wearing them.

New Balance walking shoes are a great choice for fitness walking. Once you’ve selected the right shoe type for your feet, it will be easy to find a style that you like and you can get back to walking comfortably and getting fit. 

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